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Re: Astrology Shame

Originally Posted by mdinaz View Post
While there is nothing wrong with that and I don't disagree, I must point out that sometimes it is just simply not worth the effort in the difficulties that arise with some people who are not able to handle those that are different from them. It comes under the law of Diminishing Returns. I choose carefully whom I share with as you do. I'll never pretend to be something I'm not in order to fit in - if I don't fit in I'll either keep my mouth shut or go somewhere else. There's something for everyone, somewhere.
There are also some work environments where this could be a professional disaster. After all, unless we want to live in a grass hut, or work 20 hours a day(like poor Robert Blaschke did and ran himself into an early death), or unless you are retired like I am NOW, letting the chips fall might be awful.

For example a PhD level professional astronomer or astrophysicist who let people know s/he was also an astrologer would probably spell the end of his/her career. My son, the PhD experimental nuclear physicist, who has the same middle name as my first name, probably has issues of telling people that I am not him and that that's his whacko dad.

Or, there are many counseling environments which are either steeped in Scientism(science that says if you can't see it, then it doesn't exist) or fundamentalist religion, and telling people that you are a professional astrologer, would be almost as bad as admitting to be a Witch.

We don't all live in work environments where this subject is accepted. Only few people knew that I was an astrologer when I spent 40 years in professional counseling. And when I told my methodist minister, he told me to keep it to myself, and never ever again tell anyone in the congregation what I told him about my esoteric beliefs or my astrology.

Letting the chips fall works for me now that I am retired and living 800 miles away from where my professional career existed.
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