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Re: Astrology Shame

Originally Posted by The Ram View Post
Although I do believe that the planets are physical representations of forces that do influence us.
While this may be true, and I may actually agree, since there is no way to show this in any context that can be duplicated with a significant .005 level probability for the general scientism(the religion of science as opposed to the study of science) oriented public, I prefer not to start arguments for which I have nothing to offer in a .005 defense.

it is much easier to point out the 1000's of years of human observation of signs correlated to human circumstances, than to start specifying planets making one do something when there is no known mechanism or even an understanding by the general public of the fact that planets might be the physical bodies of consciousness that are beyond comprehension.

This gets into esoteric studies that are out of the range of more than 1 out of every 10,000 people, in my estimation. I have never found anyone in real life who knows anything about this except those who specialize in its study, such as when I was a student at the Arcane School, in NYC, many years ago.
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