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Re: Astrology Shame

Originally Posted by tsmall View Post
Dear Lord, save me.

Ok, it's late, but really? really? Who exactly in the political equation is saying that I as a woman hold no reproductive rights, and who exactly is saying that it is perfectly fine to discriminate against those who do not believe the way libertarians do? As in, who is it that wants to build discrimination back into the good ol' US of A?

This is a convoluted opinion based on personal prejudice. Sorry, but I have Jupiter clinging to the ASC, and I think that fair is fair. If you want to introduce politics or religion into astrology then I have a Frawley to introduce you to.

Lack of tolerance breeds lack of tolerance. It's just that simple. And those who proclaim to be so much further evolved in their spiritual journey should just know better than to start or participate in conversations like this.

In my experience, which is sorely limited and so not a basis of any kind of conclusion, it is mostly those "on the right" that want to believe in the free will debate, and mostly those "on the left" who are willing to open themselves to the idea that the stars can actually tell us what will happen.

Also, I kind of expected more tolerance from you, mdinaz...
You appear to be suffering under the affliction of which you place upon me. If you read my post, you'll notice that I said I never bring up the subject myself unless someone else does first. You are free to believe whatever you want, and I won't say a word about it unless you bring it up first in which case I am free to respond, or not. The idea that you appear to be offended or defensively righteous in response really makes my point.

As Jesse points out, unless you were born at the exact same moment in the exact same place as I was, NO ONE on earth possesses my birth chart. This by definition is "unique". To each his own. And to be clear, "tolerance" means accepting people's opinions and going your own way. It does not imply "agreement". This is also the core of Libertarianism. We can agree to disagree and I'm perfectly fine with that.

As for the money discussion, I'm not clear on how that came up in this but money, for me, is just a tool, like a hammer or a dinner plate. It is neither good nor evil, no more than the same hammer or dinner plate - only in how it is wielded. Astrologers have to eat too, and pay rent. Unfortunately for most of us it will only buy rice and a grass hut, so off to my day job I go.
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