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Re: Astrology Shame

Originally Posted by Zarathu View Post
Its a struggle that I've has for more than 40 years.

I finally just tell people, and let the chips fall.
I'm increasingly coming into the beauty of this post, with the help of Jesse's philosophy about being ourselves no more no less, and about a million other factors.

But basically what I want to post on here, is this.

In showing myself to others, I can only give what I have at any given moment, and let that be enough or not enough <3.

And any attempt to hide the totality of my authenic self, be it an "irrational" or "needy" feeling, or a "spacey" interest, etc., is a reflection of deep, unhealed shame I have for that aspect of myself, no matter how we might bend it/ justify the conservatism by saying it's the OTHERS that aren't ready to see me. This shame is so common, it's easy not to take it seriously and settle for a life of it. That's why people are private.


Originally Posted by mdinaz View Post
Then perhaps "shame" is not the right word. "Shame" implies guilt, which implies a recognition that what you have done is wrong and needs to be corrected. I've done nothing wrong, so there is no guilt and thus no shame. If someone else has a problem with it, they can feel the shame for being close-minded, bigoted, ignorant, or whatever adjective fits.
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