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Re: Astrology Shame

I noticed that you have criticized both me and mdinaz for our political beliefs. While it would be, at least in my opinion, rude to defend mdinaz for him, as he is perfectly capable of doing that himself if he so desires, I will only be defending my own opinions.

Perhaps "entirely unique" was the wrong choice of words. Point is, unless you were born in the same hospital at the exact same time as another person, you have a birth chart that will not be duplicated again for a couple million years. And yes, astrology is influenced by astrology. Everything in this universe is part of an interconnected web of ebbing and flowing influences and currents in the collective conscience(I'm a Jung fan myself). There is a time and a place for everything, money and business included.

We can come to astrology thinking that we are all special snoflake indigo children, and please tell me what in my natal chart points to my being right about, me, me. One day, we wake up and realize that me isn't so special in the grand scheme of things, and the only thing that me can infulence is possibly the close world around me.
I suppose that's right. Unless that "me" is Josef Stalin, who executed almost 25,000,000 people during his rule over the USSR. That is how communism works: a classless society with no need for money, with the exception of the all-powerful dictator at the top with all the money. Personally, I think I'll stick with our "brutal and inhumane" capitalist system. Or whatever you liberals call it.

What I failed to properly convey is that I am a diehard libertarian because of my knowledge of astrology; everyone is an individual, and there has never been a system of government, religion, or morality that has been perfect for everyone. Therefore, it would be best for everyone if government were kept to a minimum, and people were allowed to choose for themselves what they wished to believe in and what code of ethics they followed, with the government playing just enough of a role to stop different religions and codes of ethics from being forced on others.

If something like money has an influence on astrolgy how can it be inherently evil? Which, money or astrology?

Everything is influenced by money. Including astrology. Including the Pauls. including...everything. So the real question your personal astrology influenced by money? If not, what exactly can you do to help humanity with it?
I wish you wouldn't misinterperet my words, you know. I said "influence IN astrology. I was asking how money is evil, if it is something that astrology rules over. You might not think that, but then again I wasn't asking you specifically, just liberals in general. Everything has a time and a place in our world, and money is one of those things.

You asked if my personal astrology is influenced by money, and it would be wonderful if you would explain what exactly that question means. What exactly is "personal" astrology? Are you asking if I am corrupt? As I don't charge people for my inexperienced astrological opinion, I guess not? Or are you asking if my birth chart influences my money matters? Yes it does. I assume 100% of people with birth charts are influenced by birth charts, and as money is held under the influence of astrology, I assume everyone's birth charts show the influence of money on their lives.

You also asked what I can do for the world with my money. My honest answer? Nothing. Capitalism has brought more people out of poverty than charity ever could. If I have a product or skill to ply, than I can offer it to people who want or need my assistance in exchange for their money. I can then exchange that money for someone else's services, in order to meet my own wants and needs. When everyone offers their products or skills to each other, everyone will be able to meet their needs and as many of their wants as possible without interfering with the rights of others. The world as it is is nothing like that, because mankind has ignored the higher knowledge of metaphysics for too long. Everyone has a lesson they must learn, and a gift to give the world. As such, there is no reason you should throw away what you have earned on people who refuse to develope their own gift. If you want to actually help the world, you help others learn to be self-sufficient. As a student of astrology, I intend to learn how to advise people on how best to discover their own innate talents, so that they will not rely on the charity of others.
People often confuse my arrogance for confidence. But I assure you, it's definitely arrogance.
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