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Re: Astrology Shame

Jesse Booth hit upon another area that I have experience in - being interested in "new age" stuff like astrology, tarot, and so on - realms that are populated nearly 100% by people that are politically on the left. I'm also very conservative and Libertarian, and one of the handful of people who fit this mold of being into "new age" stuff (I hate the term "new age" as it is neither new nor an age) and on the right, politically. These very "liberal" people cannot even see the dichotomy of what they believe politically versus "new age" ideals - the entire premise of the new age is that we are all responsible for ourselves, we create our own reality and we need to work together while also taking care of our own and making our own decisions and doing what is best for ourselves. This is the very opposite of what the left believes ideologically, yet these people hold new age beliefs but have a political view that is the exact opposite - that government should force people to do things to modify behavior (like telling me what to eat, or not smoke, or what to drive, etc), that nobody is responsible for what they do, it is society's fault, your parents fault, and that "tolerance" only applies to what they consider ok, but not to you if you don't fall in line as your view "offends" them, or upsets them.

That said, I make no apologies for astrology or being politically on the right. If I'm with a group of friends and someone makes an incredibly ignorant or bigoted comment, I'm going to call it out. If that makes you uncomfortable because you can't find the words to defend it, that's your problem. Keep your yap shut next time and your opinions to yourself. I never discuss either subject in mixed company unless someone else brings it up first and sometimes not even then.
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