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Re: Astrology Shame

Originally Posted by Jesse Booth View Post
In case you were wondering what the insult train is, this is it.
You're sor riht about the opinions and insults and....right now I'm so pissed off at the world, my shame is from the fact that I live here. Until now I constantly repeated that school won't get us anywhere, that studying won't get idealists anywhere, that civilazation(the greatest mistake and sin) will get us only....nowhere. But yesterday I was in a situation where everyone, if observant enough, could see it right in front of their eyes - a teacher with a big, Big ego, 'full of principles and so many years of experience and teaching, and time-tested qualities of the personality' and blah-blah...full of complexes and with a fragile ego. I wrote an essay. No, I didn't - I envented a new philosophical concept in a moment when my psychic powers were so high, I literally felt everything there is to be felt, it was brilliant, it was mine and my friend, who is like-minded, loved it so much and....The teacher(which is the teacher that I "hated"since the start. Since the moment she came in the classroom, she hasn't even uttered a word when I sensed her aura) didn't know what to say. She couldn't comment on it. She just said that it wasn't close to the topic(it was) and I got a lower mark than the guy who have copied his essay from internet(and she knew it and said it before the whole class that he had copied it and still...). But I don't care about the mark. OMG, you should have seen her! She literally struggled with showing the "right"emotions! She didn't even comment on what I have written, her ego was questioned(because she perceived herself as a philosopher, an abstract thinker, a higher being) so deeply, she couldn't bare to say a good word about what I've written. She even asked me to rewrite it! Either she is more stupid(for not understanding it) than I thought(the first guess of my friend) or her ego and false-perceived character were her problem. But can someone be that stupid? I'm out of my mind, the world has again proven to be useless.
Sorry for the off-topic comment, but Jesse, when you said that we should stand behind our opinions...I have no shame, not even in front of myself!
P.S. A day will come and I will be one of the most famous writers and I will post my essay in my personal blog(that, of course, will be followed by the whole world xD no, I'm not humble. Just two years and I burn this world.) and everyone that have wronged me will cry inwardly. And those who haven't will cry, too. Everyone will cry. But nobody can 'repay' me my tragical child and teen years. No one.

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