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Re: Astrology Shame

Originally Posted by Zarathu View Post
Love to know where the Asteroid Nemesis is in your natal, StillConfused. Since none of your charts from previous starter threads still exist, perhaps you would PM me the data---confidentially of course.
The asteroid Nemesis is at 0207' Leo (tropical).

This is conjunct the 6th cusp if Placidus is used, in the 5th using equal house, and in the 6th using the whole sign house system.

conjunct Chiron (3)
semi-sextile SN (this applies for both true and mean nodes but is exact with mean)
quincunx NN
sextile Sun (exact)

EDIT: bi-quintile AC (1)

EDIT again: As you know I'm currently into Vedic astrology, but looking back at your website Zarathu, I'm intrigued by the wholistic approach you have to looking at charts within what is available to Western astrologers, so I'll PM you my birth details.

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