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Re: Pluto transits grand trine

Pluto conjunct Sun; he certainly has an empowered Sun, which makes me think of one who can make anything happen for themselves, and be successful in doing so. Still there also is the matter of 'timing' for us all, and currently the planetary configurations are causing an increasing degree of instability in the world, which in turn has created a significant standstill, as we await some major and significant global changes [political/social/economic]. While we wait, it is difficult to make much real progress. It is good that he can keep himself occupied while he awaits the opportunity he seeks. One has to think in terms of the bigger picture though, to fit all the pieces of the puzzle together. With Neptune in his house of finance, and especially in view of it's opposition to Jupiter this denotes economic disadvantages, which serves to offset the promise of the Grand Trine; since Pluto rules this house, there are bound to be significant challenges for him,
Also in his chart, the Moon was moving to t-square this opposition, suggesting that sudden and unexpected luck is typically not on the agenda and he has to make his own luck. Interaction between Venus/Uranus/ Pluto may be suggestive that his expectations are a bit unrealistic at times; still Pluto is the 'power of the will'; now transiting his Sun, this is about challenging his ability to be patient without experiencing phases of frustration, and loss of hope. The question may be whether he has the stamina and endurance to withstand possible setbacks that could besiege him. Changes can come about very unexpectedly, and especially now with the Grand Cross configuration involving Pluto/Uranus/Jupiter and Mars...with this transit he could experience challenges that could hit him at the very level of his Soul. Remember that Pluto is about the difference for materialistic need versus spiritual awareness...
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