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Re: rectifying a conception chart

Thank you so much for your reply. I do envy the fact that your program had an option for this. I have had Kepler 7 for some years and even payed the ENORMOUS amount for Sirius to add to it, which do NOTHING for me, LITERALLY, NO JOKE. Infact, I was on the Sirius waiting list before it came out because I was told it would have more asteroids than Keplers 1000, which Idon't remember if it did because it sits in a drawer and has for years. It had a glitch in its charting (OH YAH, THAT IS SO NOT COOL, RIGHT). Then they wanted me to go to some sight they made to fix the glitch and I was lost, so now I am back to using my Kepler 7. From what I have heard of yours and another it has options I don't. Sorry about the rambling.

I do like the prenatal epoch, Hermetic thing (sorry about terminology). My name is Shawna and this conception chart puts the asteroid- 4510 Shawna- on the Ascendant. Shawna was a name my father wanted to name a daughter since he was a child.

I have also read about the conception being the sidereal 7th harmonic chart Sun degree and minute. I got it from this sight when I looked up astrology conception

I also tried counting backwards exactly the amount of gestation days for humans and did a chart.
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