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Re: rectifying a conception chart

Originally Posted by Moon Unit View Post
I have been obsessed with trying to figure out when I was conceived. I know of a few methods but would like to hear what ideas are out there and whether anyone has heard of ways of using the birthchart to find conception.
There is an astrological technique from antiquity - generally known as the Prenatal Epoch - that is reliable for chart rectification and/or verification of ascendant

'....Ascendant, or its opposite, at birth, is Moon's position at conception.

....Known as THE TRUTINE OF HERMES from Hermes Trismegistus who stated the law as follows:

"The place of the Moon at conception becomes the birth ascendant or its opposite point....."

"...But this proved to be but one-half of a very important law, for while the...

Ascendant at birth was the place of the Moon at a certain Epoch, the Ascendant or its opposite point at this Epoch was the place of the Moon at birth

....a very remarkable interchange of factors." E.H. Bailey.

– details viewable at

I noticed that Solar Fire calculated the prenatal Epoch when I purchased my own personal a copy of Solar Fire bought directly from the company and for which I paid the full original price which was not cheap!

HOWEVER my software copy of Solar Fire is currently installed on an older computer that is no longer in use due to my having upgraded with new computer equipment.

FURTHERMORE I have no interest in using Solar Fire because I purchased and installed Placidus 7 and Porphyrius Magus obtained from Rumen Kolev at Babylonian Astrology website

NEVERTHELESS I retain the disc I purchased directly from Solar Fire i.e. it is not a second hand disc so I paid full price. I keep that disc for several reasons, one of which is that I may need it.

However, it is my opinion that to calculate the prenatal Epoch without the use of software is the more accurate method

Detailed instructions on precisely how to calculate the pre-natal Epoch may be viewed FOR FREE at

discussion at
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