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Re: Planets in my chart

I am trying to give full life reading by Indian Vedic-Method.
The Vedas are the foremost among all ancient books. All the classics of the world have been born out of the Vedas. The root verb of the word ‘Veda' is ‘vid' meaning knowledge. Through the classics of Indian astrology, one can easily acquire knowledge about God while learning about living beings.
For this reason, astrology is considered to be the eyes of the Vedas. Thousands of years ago, the Saints who were knowledgeable about the past, the present and the future, through the power of their meditation and yoga, have described in detail in their astrological classics the characteristics,features, appearance and nature of the planets and their auspicious and inauspicious effects on the living and non living world. The depiction of the position of planets in the zodiac at the time and
place of a person's birth is called the Janma Kundali or the Horoscope. The sign which was rising in the eastern horizon at the time of birth is called Lagna or the Ascendant. The sign where the Moon is
positioned is called the Birth Rashi and the constellation in which the Moon is situated is called the Birth Nakshatra.
The Birth sign is Libra
Tula Lagna The natives of this lagna grow tall with age and have a well proportioned body. Their limbs are slender but strong. Their appearance is graceful and attractive. They get bald in adult age. Their nose is like that of a parrot. The natives of this lagna are level headed. They weigh the merits and demerits of a subject and then express their decision. They are constructive critics. They are reasonable and just. They are also modest, refined and gentle. They love happy and harmonious life. They want peace at all costs. They seldom lose their temper. They like changes in their life and environment. They are popular and have a spirit of sacrifice in them. They have fertile imagination, correct intuition, brilliant intellect and pleasant nature. They are fond of good things and comforts. Their domestic and married life is generally happy. They love their home, family and property.
Because of Venus being the lord of Taurus Rashi, people born under Taurus Rashi have an attractive appearance, large eyes, round face, broad facial structure, wide chest, mole on the back, face, side or shoulder, high shoulders, dense hair, broad waist, shoulders, feet, thighs and will have a beautiful walk. The person will be polite, calm natured, tolerant, liberal, pleasure loving, sensuous, sacrificing, prudent, wealthy, hardworking, bold, intelligent, devoted to parents and teachers, impressive, prominent at meetings, determined in their work, occasionally upset, suffering from cold and cough, friendly, devoid of inherited wealth and son, blessed with daughter, fortunate, famous, forgiving, capable of digesting food easily, endowed with stable and good friends, happy in middle and old age, staying away from relatives, interested in painting and music, gaining sudden wealth, fond of authority, interested in leading happy life, fearful of going to jail on false charges, favorite among females, blessed with an obedient wife and having relations with three women. There may be suffering from cold etc. eye ailments, throat or abdominal problems and ear ailments in old age.Persons born under Taurus rashi will be stable and firm natured, patient and tolerant, endowed with physical and mental tolerance and forbearing, having a dangerous and violent temper, collector of worldly comforts, capable of sacrificing everything for their beloved and unforgiving towards the people they hate. They are fond of beauty, music, art, good clothes and a happy and luxurious life. They will strive to acquire it. They will be stubborn and will have the ability to accomplish their plans and will give a lot of thought to trivial work. They will be practical about money matters and will be desirous of earning wealth and they will care about targets, not the medium. He will make friends after long consideration and will be devoted to his friend. He will bear responsibility in relation to his love affairs and family life. He will suffer disappointments and anxiety because of laziness, selfishness, sensuality, materialism and other faults. 1. Libra lagna is an Airy sign, so the person born in this lagna will be tall, with long, strong hands and limbs.2. Face will be longish with clear good features.3. There may be a mole on the face or neck.4. After middle age he may lose hair on the occipital region.5. His physical personality will be impressive.
Birth in Vishakha Nakstra Ruling Libra from 20 degree to Scorpio 3.20
Vishakha Nakshatra: Spread from 20 Tula up to 3:20' Vrischika Rashi. The lords are Sukra(Venus) and Mangal(Mars), Deity is Satragni, Symbol - a leaf-decked triumphal gate. Another name of this Star is Radha, a compliment to Anuradha, the birth star of Surya. From this is derived the fulfilment of action, variety of enterprise, achievement irrespective of the means employed and fearless and unscrupulous pursuit of self-interest. The only objective being to reach the end justifying it by any means fair or foul. Real friendship hardly happens. A man born under this star works at various things but hardly concentrates on any one of them. To spread about and to dissipate is another attribute of this star. The native of this star aims at success and is pleased with it when it happens, nothing else matters. Among other attributes may be mentioned obedience to religious injunctions, quickness of the uptake, and also loss and disaster from enemies , sometimes even death or lunacy.
Those born in the Vishakha star are physically impure, strong, go after others' women, bereft of relatives and cause deference amongst friends. They are always thinking about sex, experts in the jobs of fire, brewery, ?ores and metallurgical operations and do not develop friendship with anybody. They are jealous, subtle, kind, forbidden love, of controlled senses, wealthy and stingy. They are intelligent, stable minded, good speakers, love relatives, children and friends. They are great people. They are candid and quarrelsome and addicted to prostitutes. They are witty, obedient, longlived, help many, speakers of truth, short tempered, lovers of women, possess blood-shot eyes and also fish sign on the secret parts.
Those born in the third pada are bestowed with fame, long life, and happiness. They reap the good of all their jobs. They carry on trade and commerce.
Sun in 12th house
Auspicious Results : One is victorious in battle and debates. Physical pain is removed. The person will be patient and blessed with a son. The native may get wealth from the king. One is object oriented. One will suffer in silence any problems that may come one's way, will attain fame due to one's good deeds, will be desirous of wealth and will act prudently. Inauspicious Results : One is depressed, lazy, a foreign resident, lean bodied and enmical towards friends, a mental patient and having slanted eyes. The person might suffer from stomach and eye ailments, night blindness, weak vision and other diseases. There will be pain in the legs and body. There may be great physical agony. In the 36th year, one will suffer stomach ailments related to gas formation. Some part of the body may be deformed. One will be energetic and restless. One may be enmical towards one's maternal uncle and there may be problems from him. Journeys may bring harm. There may be a sudden loss of wealth during journeys. One may be irreligious and may go against the traditional family religion. One may be poor. One will fear the king, thieves and the government. One may wander around aimlessly. One will be very passionate and have relationships with the opposite sex. One may hunt birds for pleasure. One may have ailments of the thighs. One will oppose ordinary people. One may be the spouse of an infertile the opposite sex. One may have a lowly nature and be weak and small. One will be very short tempered, protector of the wicked, very extravagant, performer of good deeds and lacking in status. One spends money on the undeserving and deprives oneself of the comfort of a bed. One may suffer from leprosy.Leprosy will be cured.One will be successful and victorious in old age.One will be hard working and fraudulent but may not attain success.
Moon in 8th House
Auspicious Results : One will be egoistic. One will be intelligent, enlightened, charitable, pleasant natured and scholarly. One will be fond of religion and the shastras, will have spiritual knowledge, may be a saint and will have an imaginative power. There will be business gains. One may gain through a will, through some inheritance or through marriage. Domestic secrets are revealed outside through servants. The 44th year results in loss of wealth. Inauspicious Results : The Moon in the eighth bhava is painful. One will be talkative, suspicious, arrogant, aroused, worried and jealous. One will be short tempered, passionate and deformed and may suffer venereal diseases. One's mind will not be stable. One will be distressed due to a restless mind. One will be troubled by bondage. One will be insistent, forceful, unsympathetic, pitiable sinful and will suffer hardships. One will lack pity and may leave one's country. One may fear kings and thieves. One will be eager to fight. One will be scared of grave diseases. In other words, one will fear incurable and curable ailments. One may be physically ailing. As the water element is strong, one may suffer from cough ailments. One may have gastric ailments. Senior doctors, experienced practitioners of traditional medicine may visit one's house regularly. Enmical and serious ailments, fear and hindrances will always persist. There is a possibility of having ailments related to water. One may suffer eye ailments and pain due to cold fever. There is a possibility of having gastric trouble. One may faint every other minute. There is a fear of death due to drowning. There is a fear of drowning in wells, lakes etc. One will suffer gastric problems, water related ailments and will be scared of the water. One may fear the attack of powerful enemies. One may wander around uselessly. The native may not have the comfort of a vehicle. One may have to leave relatives on account of one's marriage. The person may suffer due to wicked people. One may have to leave one's nation. The results are positively inauspicious. The Moon in the eighth bhava protects him like a mother. One has a long life. One might have a moderate life span.
Mars in 10th House
Auspicious Results : Mars in the tenth bhava is considered to be very auspicious. Mars in tenth is very strong. One is famous in one's family. The person brings fame to the family name through one's valor, one's hard-earned wealth and one's permanent property. One will bring up the family name. One will be healthy, strong and enlightened. One will be as valiant and brave as a lion. The native will be satisfied, benevolent, enthusiastic and as valiant as a king. One will perform pious deeds and will be beneficial, brave and egoistic. The person is charitable, clever, cautious and worshipped by people. The native will be enterprising, victorious, patient and in the service of great men and very valiant. The native may be meditative, good charactered and devoted to one's teacher. One is always capable. The person may be devoted to Brahmins and elders. Auspicious functions will be held in the house. The person's work is accomplished successfully with very little effort. All work is accomplished continuously. One is a self made man through one's own efforts and valor. One attains fame and honor in society. Great men also praise him and one is very popular. One will earn a lot of wealth, acquire worldly comforts and lead a pleasurable life. One will earn wealth through land, villages and the royal family. One may attain wealth equivalent to the king's treasure, full of beautiful jewels and precious stones. One will have many servants. One may stay far away from one's motherland. One will be very fortunate. One will have excellent children and they will bring happiness to him. One will be skilled at business. One will earn wealth in the eighteenth year through one's courage and the king's favor. One may run a bank or an association. One may earn a living through land. One may earn wealth through fire related work or the business of weapons. One's fortunes will become favorable from the 26th year and in the 36th year, stability will set in. The combination is good for lawyers who might attain fame in criminal cases. There could be conflicts with superiors in battle. Inspite of being born in an inferior family, one may emerge first among the people and be their leader. Life will be full of happiness. Auspicious events happen due to some specific planetary combinations. Brothers are long lived.Progress is achieved through one's own efforts after facing a lot of hardships. Inauspicious Results : One may be cruel, wicked, ill charactered and in the company of lower class people. One will be arrogant, impatient and greedy. One may have animal instincts. One may have the brain and behaviour of a thief. One will have wealth and it will be spent. At times there may be gain and at other times there may be losses. One will attain both happiness and sorrow and stability will be missing. Children may not be a source of happiness. Children may not be very satisfactory. The maternal uncle may expire immediately. One may be an adopted son. One's son may die. One may not attain fame.There will be obstacles in the work.
Mercury in 12th House
Auspicious Results : One is intelligent, thoughtful, prudent and religious. One may be interested in pilgrimages. One will be polite, knowledgeable about the shastras, vedas and be a religious soul. One would donate clothes. One will have a tendency to spend fruitfully through yagyas and other religious rituals. One will be skilled at one's work and one's party will succeed. The native may be a speaker, a scholar and true to one's word. One will be victorious and frank. The person will be scholarly and knowledgeable. One will be skilled at pious deeds, lacking in bad habits and benevolent. One will spend according to one's gains. One will be victorious over enemies. One will be happy with brothers and friends. One's paternal uncle will be happy. The person will own a lot of land. One will have authority. The native will be wealthy.One will spend money in auspicious things.One will be foremost among people and do the work of others. One will have spiritual knowledge, will go into depth about shastras and may attain extra-ordinary powers.Inauspicious Results : The person is lazy. One may be corrupt in the performance of one's own work. One may be abandoned by unsympathetic relatives and may be fraudulent and tainted. One will be extravagant, ailing, sinful, dependent and supporter of the opposition. One may keep away from the company of good people and from good deeds. One may be insulted, wicked and pitiable. One may be inimical towards friends and lack friends. One may be pitiable, uneducated and poor. One may not have a limb and may be greedy in the matter of other's wealth and other's money. One may visit prostitutes. One may not favor relatives. One may be unhappy due to public criticism and heated due to the king's anger. One may have a lively temperament and may enjoy the bliss of the king and the citizens and may not be a scholar.Inauspicious results will be experienced.
Jupiter in 12th House
Auspicious Results : One will be respected and religious in temperament. One will be benevolent, un-talkative, practicer of the yogas, liberal, knowledgeable about shastras, well behaved and detached. One will be interested in spirituality and deep shastras. One will be fearless and happy. Jupiter in the twelfth signifies philanthropy and universal brotherhood. Big amount will be given in charity. One will go to heaven after death. One will be thrifty and will spend money for pious and religious deeds. The combination is auspicious for practicers of traditional medicine, scholars of the Vedas, editors and people involved in social service. One might attain fame through migration, by leaving one's country and by living in far away lands. One may gain from enemies. The middle and latter part of life will be good. There will not be a shortage of grains. One will acquire clothes, cow, wealth and gold. One will be skilled at serving others. One will be migratory and may undertake foreign travel. One may be wealthy due to one's father's wealth. One's paternal uncles remain happy. One will have knowledge of mathematics. One will have few sons. One will acquire a lot of wealth. One will be victorious. One will attain name, fame and gain. Inauspicious Results : One will be lean & weak and may suffer pain. One may be agitated, worried, sinful and angry. One may be shameless and may lack honor. One may be insulted. Due to an agitated mind, one may be easily angered. One may be wicked minded and may help the wicked. The native may be very arrogant. The person may be lethargic in helping elders and friends. One's mind will be agitated in worrying uselessly about additional expenditure and usurping the wealth of the others. One may be inimical towards brothers, relatives and elders. One may spend one's life in a public welfare organization. Others may envy him. One may reciprocate. One may speak harsh words, not have children, be sinful, lazy and a servant. One may desert one's family and join another family. One may suffer from eye ailments, reversal diseases, Tuberculosis and heart problems. Thieves may steal one's wealth. One may serve lowly people and fight with everyone. One will worry about vehicles, ornaments, clothes, horses, etc. One will be extravagant by nature. One may have sexual relations with a brahmin. One may fight with one's own people and be unhappy. According to Charvaak, one will be happy and go lucky. One will not worry about the others' world. One will fear the government. One may be unfortunate and crude. One might be a servant. One will not donate charitably. One may have many enemies. One may not benefit or attain fame on earth.There might be some problems in marriage.One might go to hell.Inauspicious results are experienced.One may have bad habits, be greedy, foolish, lazy, imprudent and critical of good people and the Shastras.
Venus in 1st House
Auspicious Results : One is beautiful. One's face, mouth and eyes are beautiful, enlightened and bright. One is fair complexioned. One may have a mole on the stomach, back, waist or internal places. The person may acquire a mark on one's forehead in the twelfth year. One's body will be healthy and one will live a long life. The native will be neat and clean, decorated with ornaments and fond of clean clothes. One will be skilled at arts and crafts, will be polite, religious and will enjoy poetry. One will speak piously, give sermons to others and be happy and affectionate. The native will be fond of singing, painting and playing instruments. People will respect this person due to sweet voice and respectful behavior. One will have a stable nature. One's speech will be magnetic, behaviour sweet and nature happy and attractive. This person will be skilled at many arts, be clever, scholarly popular and a mathematician. One will be as valiant, ambitious and the gem of the family like a king. One will attain many types or ornaments, clothes and jewels. The native might have sexual relations with an attractive person of the opposite sex. One may be skilled at sexual acts and may hypnotize the opposite sex easily. One will be sexually strong and may have relations with the opposite sex. One will be pleasure loving, materialistic and passionate. One will not lack comforts. One will be wealthy, comfortable, endowed and favored by the king. One may attain honor from the governments. The person will enjoy saintly company and perform pious deeds. One's strong enemies will be easily defeated. One will live in an artistic house and will be amazing and will rely on fortune for living. The native will be fond of salty and sour eatables. One will be blessed with a beautiful spouse and sons. Business runs smoothly but hardships will be faced. One will have few children. One's son will be long lived. According to Raphael, one will be successful at dramatics or at work involving the general public. One will be a poet, dramatist, a novelist, a poet, or an artist and will attain fame.The native will occupy an administrative position.According to planetary positions, the results are auspicious.The person may try to hire the person of the opposite sex for one's own pleasure. This may be in spite of the fact that one's own spouse is educated, satisfying and affectionate.The native will be a professor or an intellectual. One may suffer from venereal diseases. If the native is a female, she may be infertile. Her shadow may be harmful for children but magnetic for men. Inauspicious Results : One will be very talkative. One will suffer from gastric ailments and acidity. The native may be harmed by dogs and horned animals. One may be ungrateful. The person may suffer eye ailments.One may be thief, a cheat or may suffer from gastric problems. One may have two spouses.
Saturn in 5th House
Auspicious Results : Th native is intelligent, scholarly, enterprising and a wanderer. One is pleasant natured, long-lived, happy, lively, religious minded and victorious over enemy groups. Occasionally second child may be born after a difference of 5,7,9 or 12 years from the first child. Sometimes after adopting a child, one's own child may be born. The native attains prosperity after facing problems. Pre accumulated wealth may be destroyed after acquisition. The planetary combinations may bless the native with a one good son. The native may have more daughters. The native may have 5 sons or may have 3 daughters. The native has the company of many people of the opposite sex. Education is completed and law education is also successfully acquired. The native may be a lawyer or Judge. The native will succeed after many struggles. Inauspicious Results : The native will always be ailing and therefore weak and lean. One is always enterprising and lazy. One will not have a pure mind. The person may not one clean hearted and may treat everyone wickedly. One may be wicked, mindless, anxious and ill charactered. One may be mindless, heartless and foolish. One may not have full faith in Gods and in one's own religious or in religious books. One may not be skilled at mantras because one may not recite mantras with full faith and belief. One's wealth may be fluctuating. The native may be poor and always without wealth. One may not have enough wealth and prosperity and may remain unhappy because of this. The spouse of the native may suffer from the sex problems; children may be delayed. There may be a difference of 5,7,9,11 or 13 years between children. The native may always be unhappy due to the lack of a son. The planet causes obstacles in childbirth and is painful for the son. One's children are unhappy. One may fear one's untalented, immoral and ill-charactered sons because they may even kill their father. One may suffer from gastric problem and stomach ailments. The native may suffer from the assault of weapons and other ailments. One may be mentally restless because of one's troubles and problems. One may suffer from chest pain due to one's own ignorance. The person may die due to drowning or heart problems. One may one inimical towards friends and may quarrel with friends. One may not be very passionate by nature. The native sexual desire may not be much. One may not have real parents and may be an adopted child. The native may be unsuccessful at love and may fall in love with someone elder to one's age.One may suffer losses in speculation, lottery and races.The native may suffer lack of children, children being born in old age, lack of progress of children, enmity among children.The native may not have any sons or just one son. One may have few friends.One may suffer losses in lending money or in giving guarantee for someone else.
Rahu (True Node) in 3rd House
Auspicious Results : The planet can be considered to be a destroyer of regrets and harm. It makes a person healthy, strong muscled and with a strong and firm physique. The native will be valiant, courageous, enterprising, valiant, prudent, scholarly, fortunate and migratory. One will be intelligent and energetic. One will attain fame in the world and will be charitable, recognized and renowned. One will always be friendly with everyone and will treat everyone equally. One will not have any prejudice against anyone and will have a pure and clean heart. One will attain money through good fortune and will not have to make any great efforts. One will be a millionaire, happy and will always remain wealthy. The native will be very fortunate. One will help one's brothers. One will enjoy many types of comforts and luxuries. One will have vehicles and servants. One might be honored by the king and will have the king's strength supporting him. One may practice the Yogas. One may destroy the wealth of enemies. The person will tread the righteous path. One will have good friends. One will travel abroad. One will have sesame seeds, pulses etc in one's house.The native will be a destroyer of enemies and will be free from the fear of enemies. Inauspicious Results : The native may have physical deformity. One may be arrogant, cowardly, lazy and suspicious. One may oppose one's brothers. One's brothers may die. The planet is harmful for the bliss of brothers. Some may not earn a living, some may die due to the assault of a weapon, some may be involved in a court case. The planet may be fatal for the first son. The native cannot live with his brothers. Animals may die and losses may be incurred. One may suffer mental ailments and may dream a lot. The planet is fatal for brothers there may not be any brothers or they may be inactive and may not have a son.
Ketu (South Node) in 9th House
Auspicious Results : The native will be valiant and will always carry weapons. One will attain enlightenment, fame, intelligence, sympathy, religiousness and a liberal temperament. One's happiness and pleasure will increase through meditation and charity. The conflicts and worries of the native are destroyed. One will gain through foreigners and one's problems will be solved. Foreigners will be responsible for one's good fortune. The native will not be much respected in society but will be happy and fortunate. One will gain financially from unethical deeds due to one's friendship with wicked people. One will be blessed with a son and will gain wealth. The person will be a king or a minister. Inauspicious Results : The native may trouble one's father in childhood and may be deprived of the bliss of a father. One may be irreligious and may be inclined towards opposing religion. One may not be keen to undertake religious pilgrimages. People will always make jokes of the native in religious functions, charity and mediation. In other words, people may consider one's meditation and charity to be a false show. Or in other words one's meditation and charity not be according to the Shastras and may be laughed on. There may be obstacles in one's good fortune. Good people may criticize one. One's brothers may suffer hardships. One's own brothers may cause pain. The native may not have a male child and may be desirous of having a son. One may be worried about one's son and about one's friends. One may be desirous of benefiting from the people of other religions. One may suffer from many ailments in the arms.
The Lord of 1st House in 1st.
When the lord of the lagna(Asc.) is in the lagna, then one has a well built body, one will progress through one's own efforts, one's nature will be lively and energetic and one may have two spouses or may have illicit relations with the opposite sex. One will be healthy, long lived, very strong and will acquire land. One may be the king's minister, happy, pleasure loving and wealthy. One will be well respected, victorious and will enhance the family name.Experience : If the Venus is the Lagna lord then one may have relationships with the opposite sex, will be pleasure loving, wealthy and beautiful.
The lord of the second house in the tenth house
When the lord of the second house is in the tenth house then one's spouse will be learned. One may acquire wealth and have relations with the opposite sex but may not be blessed by a son. One will be respected by kings, will be handsome, renowned, devoted to parents and endowed with all comforts. If the lord of the second house is inauspicious then one will be opposed to one's mother and father. One may honored by kings and may be as prosperous as a king/queen. If the lord of the second house is auspicious then one looks after one's mother and father. One may be fortunate, famous, arrogant, a big businessman or a moneylender, as full of valor as one's father, skilled in government work, learned, sensuous, and may have few children.Experience : If the Mars is the second lord then one will be devoted to one's parents and other auspicious fruits are experienced.
The lord of the third house in the twelfth house
When the lord of the third house is in the twelfth house, one's fortunes may arise because of the opposite sex, one's father may be a thief and one's spouse may give him trouble. One will be extravagant, pure, enmical towards relatives and lacking in valor. If an auspicious graha is with the lord of the third house then the fruits are auspicious. Otherwise one's mother may face hardships and there may be fear from the king/queen. One may oppose one's friends and trouble one's relatives. One may stay abroad, far away from dear ones. One may be pleasure loving, extravagant, poor and may suffer from losses in business. Experience : If the Jupiter is the third lord then the above mentioned auspicious fruits are experienced.
The lord of the fourth house in the fifth house
When fourth lord is in the fifth house, one is happy, popular, devoted to God, arrogant and capable of solving problems through one's own efforts. One will be long-lived, wealthy, endowed with materialistic pleasures, scholar of the Shastras, pure hearted and may be a writer. One may enjoy one's father's wealth, may have a long life and may benefit from friendly relations with the king/queen. One will support and rear one's sons. One will be devoted to one's mother, may be respected and will leave behind one's property for one's sons. Experience : If the Saturn is the fourth lord one will experience all fruits but one will not be devoted to one's mother.
The lord of the fifth house in the fifth house
When the lord of the fifth house is in the fifth house, one is lively, energetic, strong in speech, religious and pure minded. However, one's sons do not survive. One will speak intelligently and will be popular and superior to other people and will earn their respect. One will be intelligent, arrogant and skilled at talking, blessed by sons, very wealthy and famous. One will be intelligent, wealthy, devoted to God and blessed by sons. Experience : If Saturn is the fifth lord then the above mentioned inauspicious fruits are experienced.
The lord of the sixth house in the twelfth house

When the lord of the sixth house is in the twelfth house or in the eleventh house, one is ailing, is enmical towards scholars, keeps illicit relations with the opposite sex and is violent towards living beings. One suffers from loss of wealth and animals, loses wealth in commuting and is devoted to God. One may lose one's four legged animals, horses, wealth and happiness. One will always be desirous of wandering. One will be engrossed in earning money. One will be lively, blinded by arrogance, engrossed in wealth and tranquillity and wealthy with money and four legged animals. One may be punished by the king/queen, face troubles and lose wealth. Experience : If Jupiter is the sixth lord then the above mentioned auspicious fruits are experienced.
The lord of the seventh house in the tenth house
When the lord of the seventh house is in the tenth house, one's spouse is devoted to him. One is a religious soul, is truthful and suffers from gastric troubles. If a malefic accompanies, one may blame the king/queen, is sensuous, shy, unhappy and takes one's mother in law's side. One speaks ill of others, is energetic and is unable to satisfy one's wife's relatives. One is sensuous and cruel One's father in law is a bad person. One may go in for independent business and big industry.Experience : If Mars is the seventh lord then one may blame the king/queen and be sensuous and cunning.
The lord of the eighth house in the Lagna(Asc.)
When the lord of the eighth house is in the lagna, then one will marry twice, be an atheist and suffer from tumour. One will be unhappy, short tempered, argumentative, suffering from itch, and will get monetary gain from the king/queen. One will not get much physical pleasure.Experience : If Venus is the eighth lord then the above mentioned fruits are not experienced.
The lord of the ninth house in the twelfth house
When the ninth lord is in the twelfth house then one will be unfortunate and will not have an elder brother and maternal brother. One will be arrogant, intelligent and handsome and will go to foreign countries. If it is a malefic then one will be cunning. One will be a scholar but will be misled. According to Navatha Ji, one will be poor and would not be reputed.Experience : If Mercury is the ninth lord then the above mentioned auspicious fruits are experienced.
The lord of the tenth house in the eighth house
When the lord of the tenth house is in the eighth house, one is anxious, physically unwell and has a mediocre financial status. One may be a real tyrant, untruthful, cunning, skilled at thefts and troublesome for one's mother and may have a short life span. One makes one's both ends meet with great difficulty, acquires the hidden wealth of one's father and always contemplates on how to acquire wealth which is not rightfully one's.Experience : If Moon is the tenth lord then the above mentioned auspicious fruits are experienced.
The lord of the eleventh house in the twelfth house
When the lord of the eleventh house is in the twelfth house, one associates with foreigners and people of other religions, is sensuous and energetic and keeps relations with the opposite sex. One may be a tyrant, short lived, wealthy and respectable and will trouble people. One will earn through one's own efforts, enjoy pleasures and will be interested in creating disturbances. One will be arrogant. One would have conquered one's senses but still be unhappy. One will spend all the wealth. One gets wealth equal to Kuber, the lord of money.Experience : If Sun is the eleventh lord then the above mentioned fruits are experienced better.
The lord of the twelfth house in the twelfth house
When the lord of the twelfth house is in the twelfth house, then one is short tempered, infatuated by the opposite sex, troubled on account of children and desirous of mother's death. One may be intelligent, miserly, a tyrant, may reside in someone else's house, love animals and may eat a lot. One may be wealthy, residing in ones village and miserly. One may collect animals. If one stays alive, one may reside in ones village only. One may spend a lot for opposite sex company and may become poor due to one's bad habits.Experience : If Mercury is the twelfth lord then the above mentioned auspicious fruits are experienced.
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