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Re: Planets in my chart

Perhaps this is true, but I cannot imagine a seventh house angular and exalted Taurus Moon being detrimental to relationships, although it appears to form a square aspect to retrograde Saturn in Aquarius, which is also strong in an angular house conjunct the Nadir in a sign of its traditional rulership.

What I am most interested about this chart, however, is the T-square formed by the Virgo stellium squaring the nodal axis, including Mercury in the sign of its rulership and exaltation--Virgo.

Here are a few excerpts from North Node's astrological aspects on the Astrology Weekly main site:

North Node square Sun:

Astrology aspects - North Node square Sun

This square causes the natives' attempts at individual expression to be out of phase with the current of larger events in their society. Sometimes they hold back when they should go forward, or vice versa.

Circumstances in their lives and in their society tend to block their self-expression and creative endeavors. They find themselves poorly adjusted in their social and romantic lives.
North Node square Mercury:

Astrology aspects - North Node square Mercury

This square creates a situation in which the prevailing attitudes of the society conflict with the natives' mental expression and communication. They cannot project their ideas as they would like, and therefore tend to be misunderstood. Often they meet with social disapproval because they speak out at the wrong time or place. They may be in disagreement with surrounding social patterns.
North Node square Jupiter:

Astrology aspects - North Node square Jupiter

The square produces a situation in which the natives' religious, educational, and social attitudes are not in harmony with the trends and policies of the culture in which they find themselves. They are likely to have difficulty adjusting to social institutions.
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