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Re: mmm shall I reach out to him ?


You have way too many threads around the same intention - him.

This is not how Horary works. You need to handle it more responsibly and ask the question once in 3 months min., and not keep forming the question differently and starting different threads, which shows a frivolous attitude towards Horary.

I would suggest that you give this topic a break now and focus on your own self, and perhaps look at your natal chart and that of others instead. That is a good way to learn Astrology also.
Be very wary of those that put down or ridicule another's way of worship because the former serves only their own ego thereby expressing that their God and their practice is the only true and right one. Such practice is completely synthetic and organised with just one mission- convert and increase the numbers of their own organised religion or cult. It reflects the intolerance, megalomania and fascism of such cultism- a pure antithesis to spirituality and morality.
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