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Thanks for responding so quickly. I'm an uber newbie, so please bare with me. It was about a 7 year period of trials with my mom, so looking through that time there were many transits. The general instability began around the time Neptune entered my 4th, so that's why I thought that it had that affect.

It seems Saturn began traversing 10th and 11 house at the start, with it hitting my 12th when things got the worse. I have pluto there natally. Jupiter was nearing descendant and uranus was in the middle of my 5th house. Because I'm a newbie, I dont know how to tell what angles the planets are to the natal ones while in transit, or I'd have investigated that on my own.

Honestly though, I'm more concerned with my future than my past. I only mentioned my past bc it gave creedence to what I thought was a strong 4th house Neptune transit. Do you know how I can look into those transits coming up? Or those between him and me. I feel like it's a lot more advanced than where I'm at right now.
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