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Re: Questioning validity of astrology after learning that western sign were incorrect

Originally Posted by muchacho View Post
Comparing these various systems is an incredible complex and time consuming endeavor. In order to compare the validity of these various systems, you first need to study them thoroughly, all of them. Over the past decade, on these forums, I've come across maybe 2-3 people who have actually done that. So I think it's important to distinguish between fact and fiction, mere opinion and actual knowledge here. Mostly I see people just voicing opinions based on personal preferences. That doesn't really cut the mustard, IMO.
Yes, it is a very complex system. And it is unlikely you will ever meet anyone that has studied all of them in depth. People usually specialize their interests and methodologies. They use what works for them.

I have two places where I like how the charts appear. That is just a visual interpretation choice. There are so many choices of what to use, I have chosen what I prefer, and that changes with my changing perspectives.

I do not choose to pick for others what is fact or fiction. That is a personal choice to be decided by every individual. Forums are full of the opinionated. I prefer to talk with those that don't know it all, as in my opinion, I will never in this lifetime achieve knowing it all.

The question is about the validity of, being questioned because of different methodologies. I have seen people that are very adept in what they chose to specialize in. I have also seen that most do not choose to learn anything here. But, that is their choice.
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