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Re: Does south node represent karma or your past life/ past lives?

The South Node is an area of life that comes naturally to you. It shows what your natural talents are, what you can develop without much effort. For example, I have the South Node in Gemini so writing and languages come naturally to me. Supposedly, this is because you developed these qualities in a past life or past lives. Unfortunately, from what I've noticed, it can also be an area of life that comes with karmic baggage and doesn't feel satisfying when you partake in the activities it represents, it leaves you feeling 'empty'.

To get an idea of what I mean by karmic baggage. I've known some people who had their Taurus South Node ruler, Venus, squaring Saturn at an exact degree. Another one who has their South Node in Libra and has Saturn in the 7th house. Another one with South Node in Scorpio who has their Saturn in Scorpio And in my case, I have South Node in Gemini and I have Saturn in the 3rd house. I've had problems communicating with people growing up because of a language barrier. Still kind of have that problem, but it's gotten better with age.
Basically, the South Node ruler might be badly aspected or might be receiving a harsh aspect from Saturn, Saturn might be in the sign of the south node or the house naturally ruled by the South Node ruler might have Saturn in it. It's not always the case, but I've seen it a lot.

Of course, I'm not saying that it always comes with karmic baggage. If past lives are real, then your south node ruler might still be well placed and in 'good condition', but it will still feel rather empty to do the south node activities.

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