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Re: Antiscia and Parallel in Horary

Originally Posted by ellie04 View Post
Hi Aria
Thanks for replying to my query.

The horary qn was if X & Y who are seeing each other will progress into a committed, longterm r/s. The 2 main sigs are in Antiscia (Sagittarius 1142' and Capricorn 1818') and parallel (2211'11" S and 22 5'58" S).

Does this give a likely 'yes'?

In addition, Moon in Pisces 1H is applying square to L7 sig. I know some take square as a 'no' but Frawley says square can still bring things together although with difficulties/delays so it may mean more effort is required.
Obviously i can't judge a chart without seeing it..horary is not judged this depends on many things..your question is not:"will i take this Job?"...where an aspect is necessary it's quite different and in horary the way we approach each chart depends on the context and how this question was such a type of a question as you described the main issue is the reception between two parties, their willing and power to act, their pom...etc

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