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Thanks Forgotten Warrior, Chiron and Saturn has really been a pain for me. problems with Family and Friends, even tho, I always been there for them when they needed me.
Saturn square my stellium and Chiron opposing it at Birth. And Neptune square stellium transit. Uranus opposite stellium transit, Pluto square stellium transit and Saturn square stellium transit. Back to back, and simultaneously. Come on man, I have been genuinely a good Friend and Family Member and after borrowing money from me and getting countless favors out of me. They act like I'm the one that's wrong, and discarded me. It seems like it was destined from looking at my chart or am I not seeing something. For anyone doubting me thinking, that maybe it's me that caused the trouble. I could also post Family Charts. Mom, Dad, Bro, Sis. I believe that it will really shed light on this toxic situation. And Jupiter is finna head into Cap. Saturn and Pluto finna conjunct exact at 22 degrees.

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