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Re: Does south node represent karma or your past life/ past lives?

From what I read, I believe the south node represents the characteristics of your past life.
My mom and my sisterís birth chart low-key supports it.
(This is what my mom told me)
So my mom went to a psychic because her life was sort of on a rollercoaster at that time (she birthed my older sister at a pretty young age and the father did not stay to support her). The psychic told my mom that my older sister was actually my momís younger sister in their past lives.
I got into astrology about 7 months ago and until i researched their birth charts (about 6 months ago) and asked them about it was when I found out my mom went to the psychic. Thereís more to it, but I figure it wonít relate so,
Iíll talk about something that does.
My older sisterís north node is in the 1st house which would mean her south node is in the 7th. She is inclined to helping others and making them her number one priority. She doesnít have too much time for herself. Her career path is going towards occupational therapy because our grandma is physically handicapped. Right now she is doing a job that takes care of a boy who is autistic. She is an amazing person, but she has to learn that the person she really needs to care for is herself.
That is all I can say about the south node based on my sisterís experiences. I hope this helps!
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