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Re: Vertex on Composite Descendant - Meant to be?

Originally Posted by Neptunian Rainbow View Post
I have experienced it once. Vertex is 1 degree from the composite Dsc and Psyche is 2 degrees from the Dsc.
I am certain that is was intense for us both, there was passion and strong feelings. Strong feelings trigger fears and insecurities. He did not like that so he broke up with me. He contacted me several times after that and said that he felt obsessed with me and that he had never felt like that with an ex before. He wanted to visit me and have sex, he never mentioned getting back together. I ended our contact since I felt disrespected. He has now lived with a new woman for several years. I will never forget him, but it’s not the most intense chemistry that I have experienced.

Another ex’s Sun is exactly conjunct my Dsc. I have also experienced an exact Psyche- Eros conjunction. Those two men affected me the most I think.
Took another look, and vertex is conjunct eros, one degree from Venus and two from composite descendent.
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