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Re: Lilith conjunct ascendant

Lilith conjunct ascendant-- people with this placement also are outcasts/disliked in their youth as lilith will conjunct the ascendant by progression in one's early years.

More challenging lilith placements are lilith in hard aspect to the moon. Lilith conjunct moon women especially tend to be viewed as sex symbols with or without basis. The most challenging placements are lilith in the 10th, where bad reputations will follow the native. lilith with neptune sometimes can be dangerous for the native, as the risk of abuse/victimization is high.(lilith/neptune is also common with musicians and drug users) Lilith in aspect to saturn, i.e. if in the same degree- will tend to have a hand in the native's death. Lilith in hard aspect to Mercury or can give speech impediments or the native not being well understood.

I have lilith in the 1st.

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