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Re: Twin flame/soulmate synastry?

Thank you for your reply! All very valid points. For me this looks like a fated relationship for many reasons:

- multiple grand trines in the chart,
- mirroring Sun signs (Pisces-Virgo),
- his Moon placement by sign and house (Leo, 12th house) mirrors her Sun placement (Pisces, 5th house),
- her North Node falls into his 8th house of Scorpio, while his North Node is in Scorpio and conjuncts her Moon and ASC,
- his nodal axis conjunct her ASC-DC axis,
- South Node conjunct Venus double whammy,
- her asteroid Karma conjuct his Sun and Moon, his conjunct her Ascendant,
- her asteroid Isis conjunct his Osiris.

And many more I'm probably missing. That's why I'm asking for more opinions, but so far it's one of the craziest synastries I've seen.
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