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Originally Posted by Vinga View Post
When I read your post I immediately thought "Pluto in 12th house". I checked your chart, and it is indeed there. It's a common placement for all sorts of mental health issues. My sister has it too and she suffers from schizophrenia (she's an Aquarius with Scorpio rising as well). Therapy and medication help. Various creative outlets as well. Journaling, singing. I feel like journaling or writing could be really beneficial for you, especially with your North Node in Gemini making a trine to your Sun and Moon in 3rd.

Saturn on the Ascendant can be a tough placement, but in my opinion that Pluto placement stirs up the most trouble for you, especially since it conjuncts Mars in your 12th.

Establishing healthy boundaries and making meaningful, healthy connections with others seems like something you could really benefit from as well. You have both Chiron and North Node in 7th house, so that's something to work on in this lifetime for you I think. I'm a Scorpio rising too so I know "peopling" ain't easy, but it can be beautiful once you're on the other side.

Hope that helps at least a little. Wish you all the best.

Thank you. I do love to write 🤗. I have almost no boundaries, most certainly working on that.
I like to delve too deep and it makes people uncomfortable, which is why I have so few friends, but those I have, I value to the moon and back...
Yes, pluto Pluto conjunct Mars in the 22th house...I have a terrible temper and when it lets loose, its often with no warning. I am learning to let the anger out of my head by analyzing myself and screaming in my pillow. 😅
I am grateful for your time, thanks again.

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