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Re: I've been told I have an "interesting" chart, could you help me interpret it?

Originally Posted by thelivingsky View Post
I would not consider the Mars/Neptune trine to the venus/Jupietr since there is a full 8 degrees orb. Yet the combination of the many trines and sextiles certainly bestows many talents. I would expect some third house gifts - communication skills.

The Moon/Pluto in Scorpio on the ASc probably makes for an outer demeanor of intensity, perhaps a guarded style of expression. I also have Pluto in H1 and Mars/Saturn in H3 I have had to learn to soften my demeanor and not come off as one who is cold, suspicious, closed-off. I have had to learn to express more warmth, be more inviting and amiable. Does this resonate with you? or perhaps that Moon helps you be more emotionally engaging?

The Moon Pluto conjunction suggests a very strong emotional nature which the trine to the Sun in Pisces also contributes to . And Moon Pluto can make for compulsive/obsessive tendencies with a tendency to avoid/repress very dark or unpleasant emotions.

Mars and Saturn in Capricorn should endow you with considerable executive/organizational ability and the ability to work hard. Scorpio and Capricorn along with Cancer are the signs most capable of great focus.

Sun Conjunct the N.node is a lucky aspect. It suggests to me that you are naturally aligned with your soul's purpose for this lifetime. The trine to Pluto adds strength of body and character, and the ability to endure difficulty and survive significant crises or setbacks.

I would like to see more - if you have planets that are out-of-bounds or parallels and contra parallels. Also the positions of your Part of Fortune and some asteroids.

Barb at
Hey! Thank you so much for your reply. I can definitely relate to that Pluto on the Asc/Mars thing - on worse days. On better ones, I come off as a super charmer (that's the Venus-Jupiter conjunction and Sun in the 5th plus Leo MC thing, I guess... and probably Scorpio magnetism). I'm usually very guarded though, yeah, and I should open up more. (Which would be easier if, as an empath, I didn't attract all those narcissistic/energetic vampire types. ) However, as a Scorpio Moon and rising, I very much dislike superficiality. I hate small talk. I either form deep, meaningful connections, or I prefer not to connect at all if I don't have to. Also, yeah, I often have to watch myself because Pluto in Scorpio on the Asc cuts right through the bs, and with that Mars/Saturn conjunction in 3rd I'm not afraid to call people out on it, especially if I see an injustice being done (to children and animals in particular).

I'm a very sensitive, receptive and emotional type, yeah. Probably with some psychic abilities as well.

With Mars and Saturn in Cap, like you said, plus a Virgo South Node, I'm very much a workaholic, yes. But Jupiter in Aries makes me so easily bored - I usually get passionate about something, pursue it with great intensity, and then get bored or burn out and move on to the next thing. I'm currently self employed, I freelance as a copywriter and translator. But there has to be something more, something way more meaningful and long lasting. I'm pretty sure it has to do something with creativity, I'm just not sure what exactly it could be yet.

My Part of Fortune is conjunct Sun in Pisces in 5th as well. Which asteroids do you have in mind exactly? Also, what do you mean by out-of-bounds planets? I'll check and post my chart again.
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