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Re: I've been told I have an "interesting" chart, could you help me interpret it?

Your chart has a massive "Point of Thales" formation. This is where your moon-Venus-Jupiter opposition involves both a sextile from the moon and a trine from Venus-Jupiter to Uranus, Saturn, Mars, and Neptune.

Supposedly this formation is good for negotiators, who know how to resolve (trines, sextiles) disputes betweeen opposing parties.

Your MC indicates your calling or vocation in life. (If any. I'm not convinced that everyone has one.) You MC is ruled by the sun in the 5th house, where it conjuncts your north node of personal growth. The 5th rules children, as well as various leisure/recreational activities. These range from the theater and card-playing to extreme sports.

You might consider being an advocate for children, or recreational therapy. Your first house PLuto trine sun in Pisces should give you a lot of insights into people.
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