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Re: Chatter and natter 😍😍

Thanks for the links! I'll read this

yes, SR charts takes a lot of time to read so it's difficult to answer those threads and do accurates readings I guess.

I'll have my next solar return very soon (on September 22th.)
I have two questions.
- The first one is about my SR MC in Natal 8th house (in Gemini).
- The other question is, what does it mean to have Sun in 1st house. (natal 11th house - Virgo).
Those are the both informations I'm looking for.

Jupiter is the planet that brings experience, higher knowledge and Wisdom, faith and optimism. Sagittarius is after Scorpio, so, for me this sign and Jupiter represents the light after the darkness. The ability to start something, even If you're affraid. Jupiter bring also expansion (or exces), and opportunities. He could help Saturn to dream a little. Saturn could help Jupiter to manifest something more solid and realistic, earthy.

As a collective energy with this triple conjunction, Jupiter could expand some problems in the society. Because Capricorn is a political sign, analogous with status, carreer and reputation, and Jupiter represent laws & justice. Pluto will delete things that do not have to stay here anymore. Like a big cleaning on the system and some governments (Saturn). And dogmas / bad old beliefs (pluto against Jupiter).

Uranus in Taurus is about ecology. It could plays out as a crisis or new discoverings / informations. Or even meteorogical/vegetal problems.
For example this year in France, a lot of people I know told me that their fruits trees doesn't make a lot of fruits. It's very weird because last year, we had big harvests, and this year, almost nothing

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