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Re: Chances of migration

You can make travel back to India (or to other places) now itself for about 1 year.

Also note the following Gochara predictions (transit results) as taken from net.
You can try remedies for rahu, ketu and shani or seek help from the God you pray.

(7th march 2019 - 23 sep 2020)
7th march 2019 - 23 sep 2020: rahu (Gemini), ketu (Sagittarius)
If Rahu transits to the second house from natal Moon, financial issues increase in your life. Some disputes in married life also take place. Expenditure also shoots up during this time. Something or the other keeps you disturbed. You should keep your dietary habits in check during this period to maintain good health. Eyes also become vulnerable during this time. It would also be better to avoid any arguments during this period.

Ketu transit in 8th house from natal Moon doesn’t augur that well for a native. You should be extra careful in terms of health. Chances of frequent fever and body aches could be there. Lack of peace of mind and mental distress also persists until Ketu moves ahead. This transit can also lead to defame in society. You feel more inclined towards spirituality, which is good to mitigate the negativity during this transit. Some wealth loss is also possible during this period.

( 26 Oct 2017 - 24 Jan 2020)
26 Oct 2017 - 24 Jan 2020 -- saturn (Gemini)
If Saturn transits to the second house from natal Moon, it marks the beginning of the third and last phase of Sade Sati. You mind keeps wandering and you may struggle to be at peace. You should be careful in your relationship with spouse. More hard work is required from your end in career matters as well. Some financial hiccups might be there too so one should remain prepared for this phase. You might have to stay away from your native place during this period. You may also indulge in conflicts with seniors and siblings. This is essentially a period to cut down expenditure and maintain cordiality with loved ones. Otherwise, that heavy-heart feeling would keep you bothered throughout.

(22 Apr 2019 - 4 Nov 2019)
22 Apr 2019 - 4 Nov 2019 -- Jupiter (Scorpio- Retrograde)
When Jupiter moves into 7th house from where Moon is positioned at the time of birth, native begins to experience relief in certain areas. Businesspersons start looking for new partnerships. Your relationship with seniors also improves. Understanding with spouse and children also gets a boost. Overall, you enjoy a good health, cordial relationships and better status. Some fruitful travels also take place during this time. This period is also marked by strong marriage prospects. You social life remains hyperactive too and you enjoy being with friends.

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