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Before answering your question, could you read the below for your chart. Thanks.

shani in lagna:
-- read from here:
-- shani is in vagra gathi, so results may be bit more worsen than expected and that will affect on your
personality or personal growth.
mercury debilitation in 5th house -
you will lack analytical skills regarding your children, relationship with partner,
artistic pursuits, education. You may not be able to express ur thoughts in a tactful way
(even if u want to).
sun in 5th house + rahu conjunction -- will reduce your confidence, your power
and make u hide ur weaknesses in front of others.
moon exalt in 7H
-- your partner will be of motherly nature or pious and caring towards home and compassionate person
-- you might have tried to date many men just to find out & select who is suitable for you
-- The aspect of shani (who is in vagra gathi) will cause struggles in married life, however. You may
see many obstacles in married life. This may also happen in business life too.
-- Don't depend on your partner and control yourself for ur needs.
-- Both you and your partner may get moodiness about ur marriage, or business. Try to control your
-- you need to curb your desire for constant changes in the relationship and seek stability
-- As for your career, you have a strong need for partnerships. You prefer to work in a team than alone and
rely upon others to fulfill your work responsibilities.
Mars in 2H:
--This is Mangal dosha. It may affect ur married life and financial positions.
But presence of shani in house 1 is said to cancel this dosha. If not, You need to follow remedies for this.

--A lot of their energy is directed towards making money and accumulating possessions. There is a strong
desire to have a stable financial position. Such a person should work hard and learn to save since
extravagance could result in financial problems. While it is good to earn more, donít make it your only goal.
You should strive to develop your talents and creativity for a more fulfilling life.

-- a risk-taker, likely to earn well through speculation or investments too

-- Note that aspect of Rahu on Mars may affect ur energy level and activeness towards maing money.
It may cause disappointments in money matters now.

Jupiter in 4:
Note: The following good results may be affected due to the aspect of ketu because ketu will give confusion
and a feeling of detachment (thus giving you wisdom).
-- you will do well in ur native place. so moving to abroad is not a wise thing
-- you may gain wealth through inheritance or financial support from ur family (parents)
-- Parents play an important role in molding their character
-- you need a home that gives u comfort
-- you love ur parents and follow their principles
-- you may need luxuries and material comforts
-- never brag abt ur possessions and never over-indulge
-- your later part of the life will be prosperous
Venus + Rahu in 6th house:
-- The following results for venus in 6h may turn to be bad too because of the effects of rahu. You may
not be able to succeed in workplace and not do good service to others because you will talk like a
revolutionary person.

-- While your health is usually satisfactory, you should pay attention to your diet. Over-indulgence, especially
into sweets and rich delights could be detrimental to your health. This position of Venus can sometimes
cause blood related problems like diabetes and ENT infections & kidney issues. Some sexual diseases are also
possible to the natives depending upon the position and aspect of other planets. Venus in 6th house also
suggests that you should avoid being a perfectionist too.
-- Venus in 6th house gives you an inclination to be of service at work. Your employees as well as colleagues
like you because you are a polite, sociable and easygoing person. You think of the welfare of all at the
workplace and seek to make it a better and enjoyable working experience. Cooperation from female
associates proves especially favorable for you. When there are conflicts, you tend to be the one who finds the
middle ground and settles arguments.
Ketu in12:
It gives you spirituality, pious behaviour. You will be isolated from material enjoyments. Your sleep (nithra)
and eating (bojan) may be affected. You will have serious deep knowledge about knowing others inclinations
and attitudes. Ketu will give you the ability to read others' intentions (motives). You have the skill of a spy,

Ketu in 12H makes a person spiritual and live in solitude. You may be an introvert. You may face sleep
disorder. Ketu causes isolation/ detachment on the house it represents. You will spend on something that
others will not/ need not know. (Expenses kept secret). Or, you may hide your expenses from others.
Chances for abroad travel possible. Ketu is considered as karaka for wisdom. In H12, you will get wisdom of
spirituality/ moksha.
The aspects of Venus and Jupiter will make your expenses for the good of others. And you will not suffer
from health issues.

It is said that, when Ketu occupies 12th house in a birth chart, this Janma will be your final; after you die, you
are going to Moksha. This being said, to tally all the pending sins, some of you may suffer a lot now in order
to finish all your karma.
Ketu in Libra (12h):
-- you may manage your expenses in good manner
-- you like to wander, move from one place to another
--This placement of Ketu also boosts aggressive instincts . Such people tend to be hard working and clever.
They are very talkative and good with public dealing. They know how to react in front of others. Media turns
out to be a lucrative field for these people. Ketu in Libra also gives short-temperedness to natives. These
people tend to be stubborn and dominating. While they are spiritually inclined, they can turn dishonest at
times. Ketu in Libra also makes the native dependent upon family at times. Moreover, skin problems are also
common with this placement.
Taurus (rishabam) Moon sign:

People with Moon in Taurus tend to be quite romantic and good-looking. Your personality is attractive and
sturdy. You have a beautiful face with short hair. You are a generous and charitable person, who always
wants to help those in need.
You would be happiest during the middle and last part of your life. Luxuries and material possessions appeal
to you. You have a strong sense of ownership. You are a grounded and practical person but you are equally
bighearted too.
As a friend and partner, you tend to be highly loyal, dependable, stable and committed. You are quite
intellectual, with a brilliant mind (in marital life as moon is in 7h). Your relationships are often long lasting
but you can be possessive too.
You have a melodious voice, eloquence and a charming manner. You are a fun person be around due to your
canny sense of humor. You have a strong penchant for arts too. Things like renovating home and interior
designing also appeal to you.
Scorpio as Lagna:
-- you want others to respect you or even fear about you
-- you have strong-mind and ambitions
-- you may live in exterme mentality : either too calm or too loud
-- you can sense any change in situation quickly , for example, a security and safety issue
-- you are real and upfront, however some people may hate you because of this character
-- you will take vengence if someone cheats you
-- you will penetrate through others skills, abilities, weakness, strength, etc. (an x-ray ability)
-- you like your privacy
-- you try to be perfect in making plans and strategies
-- you are loyal, truthful and honest in relationships
-- you seek a partner who is reliable, humble, and sensible. you want a sense of practicality and passion
together in relationship. you are highly dependable, respectful, passionate, romantic and truthful lover, and
you want the same attributes in return too. you can however be possessive towards their partner. you are not
someone who would fall for short flings. your goal is commitment, a relationship for the long haul. other's
flighty feelings would only aggravate you so others should better be faithful.

Hi sir

Yes true i am not able to express my thoughts... even though i want to.. so many points are correct.. sir so should i apply for migration?? Will i succeed?? Can u give suggestions

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