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Re: Job loss

sorry got wrong info.
you are actually running Rahu-Sun now and when you lost your job it was Rahu-Sun-Venus-Moon who signified job negation houses.

Saturn is udyoga karaka and is in positional status and no planets in Saturn stars but he also represents breaks. He is aspecting your job house so they can be few breaks in career in your overall life (not necessarily job losses, consider situations like you had a baby and you had to take a leave for months, these kind of breaks also do count in he saturns aspect). Saturn is also aspecting Moon, so you will have some emotional turbulences from Oct 31 to April 2021. But this is also the time where you will have few temporary jobs. Do work on those temporary jobs as you may not get a stable one due to Moon being in Sun star and Sun posited in house of relaxation along with debilitated mercury. This is also a time where you may have some very strong mental inclination and exert pressure on your husband which may disturb his mind. SO, take up temporary jobs even if they require you to leave family and do some short trips for some time. This period will extend from this Oct to Apr 2021.
After 2021 you will get a stable job.
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your good time has already started, until Oct 31 is a good time to secure a job, so try hard and apply for as many companies as you can. Rahu-Venus dasha from Sep 6 to Oct 31 signifies securing job and get some money from work.
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