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Re: Crows signify death???

Originally Posted by *emma* View Post
I personally have rejected all the myths superstitions around birds and other stuff

They are fear based so I have no time for them.

Now I hear a crow and I think, its a crow crowing I see a Magpie in my garden and think what a beautiful colour their tail is

Life is too short to be superstitious and fearful
I grew up in an extremely superstitous family and never believed any of it. The last two *unexpected* deaths in my family were preceded by birds trying to fly through windows in both my home and office. I was at work talking to a co-worker about some recent deaths in my family when a bird smacked into the window. I laughed and said that it couldn't be a warning for me as I had just lost three family members...I was wrong. I now believe there is *something* to it.
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