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Crows signify death???

Any of you believe that crows mean impending death? I've grown up believing this superstition as have generations of my family but never really experienced it until recently. Now I'm wondering if it's true or just me playing into the story!

Anyhow, I've been living in my current home for just a little over a year and Ive never had crows constantly in my yard or in my area. We have quite a few trees around us so you would think it would attract crows but we get the odd few who come and go fairly quickly and don't make much noise....last week/weekend I started noticing multiple crows in my yard, in the trees and on my roof and they would keep cawing. It was too the point where it was so loud and frequent that I was getting quite annoyed and even commented about it to other people. Im not too sure about the sleep cycle of birds but usually by 7pm they are pretty scarce and the fact that I had crows crowing on my roof at 9pm and later was quite puzzling.

I continued to notice this for a few days and then all of a sudden this past Tuesday they disappeared and I have not seen them since. Not a single crow and not a single sound. It's back to the way it's been for the past year.

The day they disappeared is the day we got a phone call informing us that my hubby's great grandma had past away!

I've been thinking about the whole thing ever since and have been wondering if this superstition really is true. Any of you out there experience this before? I'd like to know what your opinions on the topic are!

I am also wondering that if it is true, then why did the crows come to me? She didn't live with me, she wasn't even in the same country. I wasn't close to her, I barely knew her and from what my hubby says he wasn't too fond of her so the connection can't be through him!?!?

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