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Re: Help interpreting my natal chart


With the sextile, the Mercury qualities are often more emphasized, as this aspect is associated with the mind, information, understanding, and communication.

THe lunar personality foundations are usually well established and not disruptive or unduly intrusive. You should be able to express your Moon's qualities in ways which also enhance Mercury qualities. Information and knowledge will be especially appealing; and perhaps you will have an almost insatiable curiosity and need for wide and extensive intellectual exploration. For you, the world is like an immense store-house of fascinations, your mind lighting up with interest as every new one comes into view. You could become a 'perpetual student', loving to explore each topic to the greatest possible depth, and perhaps becoming expoert in limited areas of knowledge. Alternative, this could result in a dilettantish tendency, sampling many varieties of knowledge but rarely exploring deeply. Both memory and comprehension are likely to be above average, thus creating a well-stocked intellect.

What can emerge as a motivation is a need to be socially useful by contributing to your community. To achieve this, you hope to discover ways to transform thoughts and ideas into practical results. The sense of value and pleasure this gives serves to encourage increasing your knowledge. The issue of right direction may arise in this context; and you may decide to become involved with civic and social groups, pooling your assets and abilities with those of others to achieve group objectives. Generally, you look at ideas as sources for practical action and possibly personal profit, as you possess an effective business and organizational ability which could also be successfully exploited.

You can be an effective communicator, conveying ideas and presenting them in a clear and persuasive manner, being articulate and literate, entertaining and interesting. This can manifest in writing and lecturing, and can be beneficial in social communication, especially in activities which increase contact with groups. This can extend your influence and increase friendships; your personality is sufficiently flexible and tolerant to relate to many types of people. You may possess a sensitivity to others' thoughts and feelings, almost like a psychic intuition, but which operates through a Moon affinity of sensitivity and emotional rapport. THis can act as an 'early warning system', indicating when people or situations are less genuine than they appear; so trust these inner sensations and feelings whenever they arise.

This sensitivity helps you to be tactful and diplomatic, whether in social contexts or within the family. Others can recognize your thoughtful and caring nature; and, provided that you do not become obsessive about manifesting your ideas, you should be able to co-operate and harmonize well with partners and family. Fortunately, your emotions rarely enter into direct conflict with your mind and ideas, but usually work with them in tandem, so that positive attitudes assist optimistic plans to become productive. This emotional and mental accord minimizes distracting inner conflicts and enables problem resolution to be achieved more smoothly.

Your Moon's emotional wamrth and protective concern is an asset for family members and inimate relationships; and domesticity will be well organized, founded on close and effective communication. Home is important; but wider social involvement will be equally so, as this is often the environment in which you intend to apply your ideas practically. Both emotions and mind are recognized as offering valid mesages; but ensure that neither becomes imbalanced through overemphasis, as each performs an important role in different circumstances. Intimate partnerships, marriage, or love affairs will involve a high level of mutual communication and sharing; enriching both participants' lives and contributing to achieving personal aims.

You will be attracted to similarly intelligent and optimistic partners who are able to exploit innate talents, especially those who conceive ambitions and then strive to achieve them. A danger is that, if two people are chasing individual goals and dreams, then conflict may occur if their paths begin to diverge rather than run parallel.


The square's characteristics are quite similar to the opposition, indicating a clash of disparate energies and personality signals. Relationships are likely to be a battleground; and your domestic life will remain unsettled whenever you struggle iwth unresolved inner conflicts.

While you are mentally alert and quite clever, one challenge could be how you apply your talents. Finding a satisfactory outlet could also benefit your inner balance; failure to do so, through lack of discipline and application, will only exacerbate personality conflicts.

You are capable of releasing restrictions from the past; but an idea path for you would be founded on well-established ways (the lunar influence), which also allow enough freedom to explore new horizons (to satisfy Uranus). The problem is how to achieve this balance.

Your usual experience involves relinquishing the past, so that you feel free to experience the new. How to do this without unnecessary disruption or pain - for example, by finishing relationships - is the challenge. This task is fundamentally the same one facing our culture during the transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius.

If you allow the Uranian impulse to dominate, it may sweep away most of your life foundations. While this can create a temporary excitement at glimpsed potentials and a promise of unrestrained liberty, there will inevitably come the time when a consolidation phase to re-anchor roots is necessary. Unlimited freedom is hard to handle without losing stability.

Within relationships, several vital lessons may need to be learned. These are co-operation, commitment, responsibility, compromise, and shared decision-making. You have no innate right to be always dominant, authoritative, or right, expecting a partner to acquiesce to your will or bow to your need for freedom when you do not allow the partner the same rights. Changing your behaviour patterns to be more positive and creative will work wonders; and intimacy will become more fulfilling for all concerned. Don't reject your life-style as unsatisfying, or be tempted to 'throw it away' in search of new excitement: the key to working with the Moon-Uranus energy lies in using this to transform your existing life.

Ask yourself which areas you wish to change. Evaluate your needs, dreams and desires carefully to see if, by your deliberately transforming your current life, these could be satisfied without destroying existing foundations. Consider how you could change your life to create space for new interests; or consider which attitudes could be changed to renew life or improve your relationships. Most people fail to take advantage of their potential, or refuse to transform themselves and their environment to create a more enjoyable life. It is an individual choice; but for those with a rebellious streak, this energy can be used positively to change whatever is not suitable. An active, not passive, approach is required. Exploring the contemporary self-help technique of N.L.P. is recommended.



This configuration gives the ability to plan and communicate in a way that is harmonious with prevailing cultural standards. The natives have a good understanding of the traditions and trends of their society. This gives them an advantage in gaining acceptance of their ideas.



You have an even, well-balanced flow of sexual and romantic energies, meaning you're neither overly aggressive nor overly passive in your approach to these areas. Love-hate relationships aren't your style; nor are purely platonic ones. You tend to be happiest with an easy-going mate who has a considerable amount of imagination and is creative without being a moody, broody, artistic archetype. Your attitude towards sex is good overall. You're attracted to marriage and are generally comfortable in your role as a spouse, provided, of course, that you choose a compatible mate.

You probably get along well with the opposite sex. They like you; you like them - with one exception. That exception is that you tend to find passive people quite frustrating. Your approach to love is one in which you throw yourself into each new romantic experience. You don't like to do things half-way; and, once involved, you put everything you've got into making a relationship work.

Occasionally, sexual / romantic energies are sublimated into some sort of artistic activity. This is most common when air is the predominant element in the chart.

Normally, however, you're a loving person who wants and needs a sexual outlet. For this reason, a less-than-satisfying sexual relationship could lead to infidelity.

If you have Venus sextile Mars by sign but not by aspect, the foregoing may apply, although your need for a sexual outlet would be less strong.


The sextile from Venus to Jupiter shows that you have an outgoing personality. Your ease in expressing yourself endears you to everyone with whom you deal. You know how to say the right thing at the right time for the results you want. You are generous with praise when it is deserved, and sometimes even when it isn't. Others think of you as a kind, sympathetic, and understanding person who can always find the time for someone who needs assistance. Even people who are inclined to pessimism come away with hope because you can always visualize a solution to their problems. You don't generally interfere in the affairs of others, but you will make yourself available if necessary. Your attitude is, 'If they need me, I'm as close as the telephone'. You are popular because you don't make excessive demands on people, being tolerant of their frailties.

You can apply your talents in many diverse directions, for this planetary combination does not of itself give a specific talent. It does give a personable quality that is a distinct asset in certain professions and fields. Any occupation involving public contact is far easier with this kind of temperament. It would be especially beneficial, both to you and to others, to work with the public in some capacity, perhaps as social director of some large organization, as a teacher, or as a travelers' guide. Writing would be another avenue of expression for your creative ability. You are not patient enough to submit to the rigorous discipline required for writing lengthy stories, but essays or magazine articles would certainly be suitable.

The 'good life', with comfortable surroundings, a lavishly furnished home, good friends, and plenty of social activity, is what you desire. You would find it difficult to accept a life of austerity that allowed only the barest essentials.

You round out your daily living with a variety of avocational interests. Reading, travel, social activities, music, art, and theatre are some of the many interests that enrich you and give you pleasure. You not only enjoy these interests as a spectator, but you also participate in them when you can.

You expect honesty and sincerity from anyone with whom you have more than a casual relationship. Even among your casual acquaintances, you are 'turned off' if you discover them to be deceptive, indifferent, insensitive, or coarse. You identify with people who are not content to stand still in their development and are always eager to improve themselves.


There are several similarities between the trine and the sextile, based on the fluid sensitivity and creative imagination that is the potential of this aspect. The trine has a reconciling function between planets, and with both Neptune and Venus there is an essential fusion of affinitive qualities and characteristics. The challenge here may be actually applying your innate potential, as there may be relatively little inner pressure to resolve personal conflicts through releasing the energy in creative expressions. There should be artistic cultural appreciation, plus an artistic talent that can be exploited, especially through such areas as music, art, writing, dance and drama. As you are responsive to the more subtle dimensions of life, and prefer more elevated ideals, your artisitic creations are likely to reflect such perception and sensitivity and involve a high level of purified emotion and intellectual content. This quality of idealism and romance that can pervade your creations can be at odds with the real world, perhaps even a denial of those harsher experiences, yet if successfully expressed can indicate a future direction for people to aspire towards: a vision of beauty and harmony. You believe that much of value in life is found within a sensitive and sophisticated awareness, and that such cultural development deepens that sense of meaning and purpose for the individual.

You enjoy the company of others, and are usually an enjoyable companion, although due to your soothing and positive presence, you may find youself placed in positions of having to support friends who are passing through times of crisis. You listen well, and can offer valid advice; friends feel that you do not condemn them for any failings and that spirit of acceptance of human nature is a healing power in itself. You express emotional empathy and understanding, and others feel safe and secure in your company, often confiding troubles and confidential problems to you. If anything, your permissive attitudes offered to others can be misused as an excuse to continue the path that they are taking; acknowledging human failings is compassionate and realistic, but helping others to become free from problems may often require advice that is more direct and confrontational in essence, mirroring back the answer that personally they may not want to hear, yet which is the real answer to their problem. True compassion is not soft; sometimes the solution involves taking a hard position.

The type of social company that you prefer to be associated with is that of similarly artistic and sophisticated individuals, those who are involved with personal development and expression and who express a dissatisfaction with much of contemporary society. There can be a preference for discussing the resolution of social issues, yet a lack of direct involvement in transformingn them. Finding more appropriate channels to turn your responses into constructive means may be more satisfying. Sometimes complacency may rule, especially if your own lifestyle is basically fulfilling and immune from being touched by the more negative consequences of sical decline and decay.

Becoming more practical is an ongoing challenge, and you need to link your inspired creativity towards that; otherwise your imagination may be wasted and rarely anchored in objective form. Your romantic live may be unusual at times, often with a feeling of 'inevitability' about partners and lovers.


The challenging aspects of square and opposition invariably display the dark face of the distorted Pluto energy, and require considerable individual transformation and self-understanding to mitigate the potentially negative impact on life that they will otherwise influence a person to experience. It is important to remember that this influence to confront the darker side of the psyche is inherently positive and creatively beneficial if it is used to reorientate the inner life, and that this ist he hidden purpose of the Pluto impulses.

It is likely that you will experience a repetitive pattern of sexual love and emotional affairs which either do not seem to satisfy and fulfil you, or collapse into failure, acrimony and suffering. This can lead to a jaded, cynical attitude founded upon a frustrated, demoralised emotionally battered perception of love.

Your emotional intensity and passion is likely to cause difficulties for you, as it often seems to run away out of your control, and can take you into situations and encounters which from a clearer perspective you would consider to be undesirable. Certainly you are looking for something; but your sexual and emotional desires can be too strong, creating distortions of inner energy and leading to compulsive behaviour on your part - followed by an attempt at justification in the vein of 'I couldn't help myself...'. Either you will feel driven to experiment in various relationships on a continuous basis, or, as a reaction, you may attempt to avoid entering any emotional affair as you are afraid of experiencing the old established pattern again.

Problems can arise in your intimate relationships due to your tendency to introduce the elemnt of domination. You tend to demand your own way or assume a dominating role, sometimes played out in potentially damaging sexual and emotional contexts, sometimes obvious, sometimes more subtle. Even if you assume a submissive role, it is only as a hidden way to manipulate and achieve your intentions through a subtle route; it is not your natural approach. Usually, you want your partners to change to suit you, and you can put intense pressure upon them, especially sexually and emotionally.

You will need to learn the necessity for mutual compromise in relationships, to understand your inner underlying desires and impulses which are conditioning and controlling you from the depths of your unconscious. It may be appropriate to study humanistic psychology, or take part in a course or therapy designed to bring about safe release of hidden impulses into the light of conscious awareness. Such impulses, and unconscious inner fantasy lives, are present to some degree in everyone; but with this aspect they will stimulate problems for you, which are resolvable if you are willing to confront them in an act of personal reintegration and transformation. This will also serve to balance out your erratic flow of emotional desires, which often seems to confuse you and your partner, as you appear to 'blow very hot and very cold' in your responses to them; this is when your inner impulses arise and fall in some hidden rhythmic cycle, leading to uncontrollable emotional and sexual needs and intensity, or to a lack of response and to coldness.

Always, the choice is yours; potentially you can defuse many of the difficulties that usually face you in relationships, or you can continue hoping that they will lift of their own accord. Pluto is influencing you to take the positive approach, by facing you with the results of being passive to the inner forces and by remaining unconscious of their hidden promptings.


Venus opposition the Ascendant indicates that you are drawn to refined and sophisticated people. You are well-mannered, and generally people have a good opinion of you. You make concessions if it seems necessary to maintain harmonious relations, and you refuse to judge someone whose conduct does not come up to your expectations. Too frequently you give people the benefit of the doubt and see in them qualities they don't possess. Wanting to believe that you choose to associate only with persons of the highest character, you are disappointed if they don't really measure up.

Although you appear self-confident and assured, the fact is that you are not comfortable unless you have someone around to give you the support you need. There is no deception in your claim that you are happy to meet people, because you truly enjoy their company and conversation. You work hard, although subtly, to make sure that people are warmly disposed toward you, and you try to emphasize your better qualities to prove you are worthy of their friendship. To put others at ease, you play the innocent role and make it clear that you won't threaten them. You hope no-one perceives your negative qualities and discovers how insecure you really are.

Your best publicity agents are your friends, who freely extol your virtues when anyone asks them. In the company of your superiors or anyone you admire, you tend to be shy.

Always on the lookout for ways to improve your social status, you prefer the company of successful people or those who are obviously on their way up. You have no qualms about forming close relationships with people who are financially secure if this will increase your chances of a permanent association. On the surface you are docile, gentle, and charming, but underneath you conspire and connive to make a better life for yourself through the people you deal with.


This is a positive aspect, indicating that you are a very loving and warm person. You should have little difficulty in getting along with people, because being on good terms with others is very important to you. Just make sure that in seeking love and approval, you don't give up an important part of yourself. Above all, be honest and don't try to use flattery and charm to make people like you. Your friends won't respect you if they think you do everything just to get people, especially elders, to like you. The only challenge of this aspect is that you must learn to set your own standards and follow your own goals, and not simply be and do what others want.

You have a strong creative drive, and if anything else in your chart indicates artistic talent, this aspect will reinforce it. you should try out various kinds of crafts and artistic studies to find out whether you have such ability. If you do, you will get great satisfaction from it.

Often with this aspect, you feel that the world will take care of you even if you make no effort. In fact you may not have to work as hard as others, but you will have to work. It is not good for your character to be lazy and dependent on others. Probably you will always attract people who will take care of you, but if you depend on this, you will lose the respect of others as well as your own self-respect.



With the conjunction of Mars and Jupiter, you have an abundance of energy and enthusiasm to take on tasks that would frighten all but the most courageous. In order to get what you want, you assert yourself fearlessly, even in the face of danger. You have a rather reckless faith in your ability to tempt fate and take chances, never doubting that you will succeed. What you lack in finesse you make up for in arrogance. You rise to a challenge at the slightest provocation, and your competitors have cause for alarm when you oppose them. You enjoy direct confrontation with your adversaries, and you revel in the accompanying glory and publicity. Fascinated by the entries found in the Guinness Book of Records, you would be pleased to find your name listed under some accomplishment there.

With your flair for the dramatic, you don't do anything in moderation. Not content to simply win over a competitor, you punctuate the victory with some kind of ritualistic, publicity-seeking display. You know how to achieve recognition by drawing the public's attention to your talents.

There are many ways you can use this very forceful, dynamic aspects. You have an exciting combination of physical stamina and intellectual resources. Because you don't believe in failure, your chances for success are improved. If you express your creative abilities physically, you will apply your intellecutal skill and common sense to obtain the best results from your efforts. Should you follow a more intellectually demanding life pursuit, it will be characterized by an incredible degree of physical endurance and competitiveness. Such fields as sports, exploration, law, government, acting, composing, or writing would provide you with vast opportunities to display your talents and demonstrate what you can do.

Your most persistent liability is your lack of moderation, which can cause physical exhasution. Your driving ambition to rise above the challenges you set your yourself can cause deterioration of your physical resources. It is essential that you take periodic rest or vacations from the constant abrasion of close competition.


The energy and qualities released through the trine aspect can be quite beneficial and socially constructive. In many ways, you should find this an uncomplicated and straightforward aspect to live and work with.

You will feel at ease in applying your potent will-power to ensure the success of any aims that you clearly decide to achieve and which are realistically within your scope. You are likely to observe over time that, when necessary, the self-discipline required to direct your will consistently in the chosen direction also stimulates an inner change to occur, whereby your qualities and talents seem to be remixed or rebalanced according to the needs of your objectives. This can be very useful as a regeneration of the inner life to reflect a pattern of internal harmony, in which conflicting energies and tendencies are no longer competing for expression and diverting your attention away from your purpose. However, this process should only occur during phases where you need to be intensely one-pointed and concentrated enough to make your decisive active step, and should not be encouraged to continue, as the result may be a repression of aspects of your personality and a pushing them down into the unconscious mind. See it as a temporary 'selective tightening' necessary for a short time, and then allow a relaxation and a release of these temporarily unexpressed aspects to be free again in your personality.

You tend to have insight into people and situations, and the capacity for direct, realistic analysis. You prefer to allow space for others to be themselves, being quite tolerant of most people - providing they are not causing deliberate harm or taking advantage of others. in addition, you hvae a clear sense of interrelationship with society, and feel that you have a natural responsibility to use your energies in a socially constructive way. In particular, you take a certain pleasure in atttempting to resolve social problems by becoming involved with social pressure groups which indicate directions to follow which they believe would be socially beneficial. You can become very committed to supporting causes that you have faith in, devoting time and energy to furthering the cause, and in being true to yourself and your personal beliefs. The only point to bear in mind with such a tendency is the need for an ongoing evaluation of belief and self, to determine your current standpoint and to allow it to change and evolve naturally, as you develop through time and greater life experience; belief should not be an unquestioning, static position.


Mars trine the Ascendant shows that you assert yourself positively and aggressively. You have much enthusiasm, which you transmit to others in such a way that they are aroused to support you in your actions. Although you may not always be right in what you do, you are certainly willing to take that chance. You enjoy taking chances anyway; and luck seems to hold out when you do. You have a mind of your own, and are determined to express yourself when you feel the urge. You have the gift of the gab, and know how to gain the advantage in conversation. Being competitive, you enjoy both mental and physical challengses. Sports give you the opportunity to let off steam, either as a participant or as a spectator. You delight in winning, but, whether you win or lose, you take tremendous pleasure in the game.

You need a considerable amount of money to support your pleasures, and you can dream up the wildest schemes to get it. Because you are inclined to spend much more than you earn, you must learn to be more moderate. You find it very embarrassing to be without money, but you should avoid money lenders, if you can.

You don't pay enough attention to planning for the future. Your motto could be 'Live today, for tomorrow you may die'. But with this attitude your security is always in doubt. In your job, you give an impression of great activity, so that your superiors think you are making an enormous contribution. When it comes down to reality, however, you may fail to prove your worth. You need greater self-discipline so you can harness your creative enthusiasm to specific tasks. You would like to be independent, but because of your inclination to spend, it may be difficult to accumulate enough money to function freely. Your personal affairs tend to get in the way of your professional endeavors, and you could end up relying for assistance on the generosity of others.

Your success depends on your willingness to work at developing your talents. Hard work will bring you the results you want, as well as satisfaction for not having to depend on others.
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