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Re: Help interpreting my natal chart



Only the conjunction, semi=sextile and semi-square aspects are astronomically possible between the Sun and Venus, as the maximum distance between these planets is 48 degrees.

This conjunction conveys an optimistic and cheerful spirit, where you will greatly enjoy social company and the pleasures of life, so that easthetic and hedonistic activities are indulged to stimulate your sensual nature. Love and social relationships are highlighted, and you will be attracted to participate in the social whirl, circulating around your collection of friends, family and acquaintances.

You feel it important to be liked by others, and this need may make you act in certain ways which gain the approval of people, so care may be required to ensure that you do not overly compromise your own feelings and thoughts in order to remain socially acceptable. There can be a dramatic quality to your style of self-presentation, perhaps emerging out of an artistic and creative sensitivity, and this will be employed to gain the attention of people; you prefer to leave your mark and need to feel recognised.

While some may see you in a superficial light, this is not how you desire to be socially acknowledged. The recognition you are looking for is of your whole personality, your talents and qualities, and as you grow older you will prefer to enjoy the company of those who can appreciate you more fully. This may be through mutual interests in art, culture or the beauty of nature, because lying beneath any socialite veneer is your real appreciation of the harmony of life and nature which evokes that romantic and poetic spirit that inspires your perception of life and infuses a hidden desire for inner peace and integration. You enjoy quality in life, and will try to create a pleasing home environment which allows relaxation into domestic comforts and pleasures.

You will attract others to your potent magnetic personality, and you are likely to experience a variety of relationships as a consequence of your romantic attitudes. You open easily to demonstrations of love and affection, and your heart can quickly melt. As a lover of life, a certain intensity will be present, as will the tides of love's joys and pains, but never attempt to turn off your developed love nature, or you may find that life rapidly loses its lustre and becomes grey, mundane and lifeless. Part of your role is to spread life-appreciation, enlivening others so that they too can become sincere lovers of life, and isn't that a task well worth pursuing?

Some may find you 'too alive' or narcissistic, so you may need to be aware of others' reactions, and if they are correct in their evaluation of your self-centredness then some modification may be advised, so that you equally acknowledge their natures, qualities and personalities too. In conversations, the art of listening is as important as the art of communication, and your enthusiasms may require occasional toning down.

You can bring positive benefits to those who become intimately close, through sharing your vitality, love and affections, and even if your relationships do not persist, you hope that those involved with you do not regret the time that has been shared. Changes will come through the expression of your heart and life enjoyment, and these may reshape your conscious identiy and self-image over time, so that more depth and insight begins to be unfolded. Others may turn to you for support and advice, wanting your flame to relight their own. Your pather of solar development is though the unifying love energies of Venus, so let these radiate ourwards into the world, touching and igniting the hearts of others.


You should find that you are able to keep focused on your aims and ambitions, and linking these with your innate optimism and self-confidence should ensure success. You may be especially attracted towards opportunities associated witht the media and communication, or in the generation of ideas for schemes and projects which improve the quality of life in society.

You feel the need to develop a suitable personal lifestyle in which there are opportunities for freedom, growth, and creative development, enabling you to dominish those less enjoyable aspects of life, consciously replacing them by activities that evoke your strengths and talents. Seeking wealth may not engage your wholehearted participation, but the abundance and prosperity of a suitable lifestyle will attract your creative endeavours. This could be through creating a more simplified, natural lifestyle, provided it fulfils your need for enjoyment.

You may find many standard forms of emplyment restrictive, as they often prove to be inimical to creativity and the application of intelligence, through being repetitive and limiting the exploitation of natural talents and personal qualities. You may need to look for new employment avenues, or move into your self-directed path for real satisfaction and greater opportunities.

Your communicative skills could be usefully employed, and this opens areas of education, teaching, public relations, consultancy, law, media and theatre work for possible consideration. As your focus is probably on your mental level engaged in intellectual activity, you can easily manage to study and learn, and over time this increases your inner storehouse of knowledge and information, giving you a 'well-stocked' mind. Applying this can create opportunities for your persuasive skills, convincing arguments and displays of logic; associating these with a taste for dramatic expression could turn you into a 'character' capable of personality projection through media channels. Verbal articulacy is a valuable skill to possess, and if you feel comfortable with this skill, then look for suitable opportunities for expression.

You feel an inner resonance with the problems and pain of social issues, both nationally and globally, and your temperament is naturally sympathetic and caring. You prefer to act and live in ways which are beneficial to everyone, and underlying this is a philosophical or religious nature which forms your own worldview. While you may be directed towards attaining your personal aims, you do not choose to achieve by taking advantage of others, and your tendency is to look for the path by which constructive co-operation can be achieved to resolve difficulties, rather than attempt to manipulate for your own gains. This quality could offer paths of conflict resolution, where by applying your creative thinking abilities you can bring about the healing of differences through mutual contact and adjustments.

Integrity and ethical issues may become important, and you will carefully choose your intimate partners and friends according to certain guidelines and methods of evaluation. Acquaintances will be many, but the select circle will be more exclusively chosen, and will be composed of similarly confident and self-actualising individuals. Doors open for you, and you may feel that your life is guided and protected by an invisible guardian angel, helping you to take the opportunities that enter your life. Travel may become important too, or contact with other nationalities, as you open to the richness of the world and its varying rainbow colours of different cultures. Periods of contemplation and temporary withdrawal from the whirl of life may be worthwhile, as they enable you to gain a renewed perspective and recharge those inner batteries by reconnecting to your deeper self, especially if your lifestyle requires considerable contact with other people or 'personality projection'.

Your basic attitude is to put a lot of energy into living because life will return that amplified, increasing your appreciation and enjoyment. Providing you can create a suitable lifestyle, then you will recognise that your life has been blessed, and that even your earlier childhood had helped to sow the sees for your future benefit.


With the trine, there is the potential for a successful reconciliation and resolution of the Neptune-Sun energies, leading to a powerful positive blending of the individual Sun centre and the transpersonal outer planet.

Potential is present, but there may be question maks against your incentive, motivation and application in exploiting latent talents. This is the hurdle that can face you, especially when confronted with the nature of choice and decision over your life-direction. You may be multi-talented in a variety of artistic and creative ways - music, art, literature, dance, drama - yet find it hard to be focused and sufficiently disciplined to become a master and not a jack of all trades. Ideas spring forth easily and naturally, followed by an enthusiastic grasping of them, only for them to be quickly put aside, replaced by the next set of shooting-star ideas. Commitment and perseverance may be lacking, and the directed energy is fragmented by turning towards too many directions at the same time.

Associated with a perceptive mind, which is capable of good assimilation and understanding, should be an intuitive quality too, which you can use as a source of insight and knowledge. This intuitive or psychic faculty will mainly operate through the emotional nature as empathic identification, in distinction to the Uranian intuition which is more mental and impersonal in nature. This intuition often gives you insights into the nature and motivation of others around you, and environmental atmospheres can influences your state of mind and well-being.

There can be an ambivalency towards social involvement and responsibility. Much depends on the nature of your expression; if it is within creative and artistic spheres, then your focus of attention and energy is absorbed within the creative vision. You are not unresponsive to social concerns, but you feel that being a creative channel is your contribution to society. Or you may respond to the Neptunian vibration by opening your heart wider, feeling a channel for 'universal love' supporting and uplifting others. This path is one of service to the community of human beings, and medicine can be a favourite expression, or similar forms of physical, emotional and mental therapy and healing.

Becoming clear as to direction is the challenge; once determined, you should be able to pour your energies and talents into achieving those aims, and in so doing walk your solar path of purpose. You have the capabilities to achieve your objectives, once definition and focus is made. There may be a need to be more practical, perhaps modified by evoking a strong Saturn or Mercury influence to ensure that material results occur, or you could waste those talents and end as a negative dreamer, chasing your flights of imagination but never containing them within objective form.

In relationships, emotional freedom and trust are highly valued as components of an ideal romantic love. You tend to be emotionally faithful, and give priority to the virtues of a close and loving family environment. Your empathic and sympathetic nature adds to those feelings of closeness with family and friends.


This suggests that most of your problems and challenges will arise in the area of interpersonal relationships, often created or stimulated by your own unconscious expression of this energy, which requires a deeper understanding and inner adjustment to be achieved before you can consistently benefit from its power.

Your temperament can be assertive, aggressive and extremist, tending to use your powerful will like a sledgehammer to achieve objectives. You prefer to force situations so that you are ready to take the advantage before anyone else can, or will act through impulse without fully considering the consequences of following your desires and aims. To others, your will and personality can seem a little overbearing, provocative and dominating, especially as you always prefer to be in control of all situations, and hate to feel unsure of your ground or realise there is nothing you can do to influence circumstances in your favour. This is why you desire to be in a position of authority, calling the tune and writing the rules, yet are so rebellious when roles are reversed; you then use your influence to be subversive and manipulate others to resist authority.

You will feel a desire to change the world into your image, reflecting the way that you think it should be. As virtually everyone else is attempting the same in small or large ways, inevitably you may experience conflict with others who do not agree with your panacea for the world's ills. If you attempt to dictate to people, by forceful expression, you may easily fail to get the right kind of support and co-operation, especially if it is made clear that you intend to be the kingpin and final arbiter. The problem with dominating and forceful personalities is that usually they insist on having their own way, and are rarely, if ever, wrong. This usually ends in relationship conflict which leads to their more creative supporters quitting, leaving behind 'mere followers' who remain with the 'leader' in sycophantic acquiescence.

Without proper awareness and understanding, these tendencies can become negatively expressed, eventually to your detriment. Yet equally they can become extremely positive qualities to be used in socially creative ways once excess self-interest is transcended, and you move towards the higher solar path of your individuality rather than just satisfying lower egoic needs and desires. You will need to undergo a period of self-regeneration, to acknowledge the needs of others to be themselves, not as mere adjuncts to your dictates, but people equally able and right to assert themselves. More harmonious and successful relationships are possible, especially when your need for self-assertion diminishes through self-understanding and confidence in your own worth. This can involve learning to be self-reliant in achieving your own aims, rather than having to manipulate others into unconsciously aiding your private intentions. Inner changes leading to a less aggressive attitude and less suspicion in working with others, more co-operation to achieve mutual goals, and a degree of compromise in your attitudes, will certainly bring more benefit to you and others. Gaining an understanding of the elements present in your psychology which desire for you to become an authority and leader can help to bring about an inner adjustment, and an ability to work with others can then emerge.


Those with Sun on the Descendant can sometimes seem to 'give' their Sun to others, in as much as they give power to other people. I have particularly noticed this with Sun-Descendant clients, for they seem to take more than usual notice of what might be said during a consultation, tending as they do to ascribe far too much importance to the views and opinions of others at the expense of their own and frequently looking to other people to make their decisions for them. The astrologer-client relationship, like any other counselling situation, is based on equality and sharing. If one person could be said to be more 'important' than the other, then that person is clearly the client. In the most extreme instances, the person with Sun in the 7th, when in the role of client, is reluctant to accept this fact. He / she gives away his / her importance, fights shy of the limelight, and tries to manipulate the situation so that the counsellor is centre-stage and the one pulling the strings in the client's life. Where this does happen, it is usually repeating a situation that has been created in their other partnerships, whether personal relationships or working partnerships. All too easily, the Sun-Descendant person can believe that his / her life is fated and that he / she is merely a pawn in the hands of the heavens or of others' superior power.

This is not always the case, of course, but certainly Sun-Descendant, rather like a Sun Libran, does like to share the decision-making process and does like someone to do things with. Relationship and partnership are very important to this type. It's a good placement for people who work in a partnership, and indeed for anyone who works in a one-to-one situation. In some cases, the Sun-Descendant might say 'I am nothing without a partner; life has no meaning without another person'. More positively, Sun-Descendant people might say 'I find myself through close interaction with another person'.

This is a very good placement for analysts, therapists and the like. They can find their identity through close interaction with another person, and, similarly, in a one-to-one situation they can enable others to shed light on themselves. They may even achieve personal distinction and recognition through relationship. It's a common placement in the charts of lawyers too; they often work in partnerships, and on each case they work in partnership with their clients; usually, also, lawyers are involved in litigation with 'open enemies', and are working, ideally, for justice and fairness.

The father of the person with Sun on the Descendant was usually viewed by the individual more as a husband to the mother than a father to the child. Sometimes this is literally true, where the father-figure in the home during the formative years is not in fact the biological father; but usually this is more the psychological experience than the actual one. Father was concerned with being a partner (in the marital or business sense) above all else. If the Sun is in the 7th house, the individual will seek through marriage a relationship with the father archetype, either by playing the role of father or by expecting the 'other' to do it for him / her. If the Sun is in the 6th house, the individual considers working partnerships to be especially important. In any event, the individual is usually 'fathering' others in the sense of providing some sort of identity for them.

Descendant-Sun people are proud of their partnerships. This is the type who, aged 70 or 80, can be found linking arms with their spouses and stating proudly that they have been married fifty years or so. It is not that relationships are more likely to last with the Sun conjunct the Descendant, or that it is necessarily a good thing if they do, or even that the relationships will be necessarily better than any other people's. But with this placement relationship tends to be the most important thing, and something of which to be proud.


You have a great deal of self-assertive energy, and you will want to get ahead in life, to be well known and highly regarded by others. But in order to get where you want to go, you must learn to make some compromises. Your relationships may be difficult, especially early in life, because others may sense that you are interested only in yourself, which puts them off and keeps them from wanting to help you. Elders may resent your know-it-all attitude, for they feel you aren't old enough to know much of anything. While you are young you may have a lot of conflicts with authority figures, but eventually you will learn how important they can be to you.

Another possibility is that you will attract people who are very dominant, who will not let you do what you wish. A friend like that is more of a rival than a real friend. But you can gain something by testing yourself against such people. You can gain a greater understanding of your strengths and limiations, which will make you more effective. On the other hand, domineering people can be a real barrier to your getting ahead. In any case, the main thing is to understand yourself and the kind of effect you have on other people. Then you will always know what you are doing and how you influence the course of events through your own energies.

Sometimes this aspect signifies conflicts with your father. However, even though you may resent him now, he is the most important person in your development.
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