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love in a birth chart


so I really would like to consult with you about my birth chart.
So I am having kind of a rough time finding the love of my life I really want a honest good hearted warm guy who is approx my age having a chemistry and attraction from our both sides.I am not looking for mr perfect here but it really hard for me to find what I am looking for I was never in a serious relationship, men barely approach me and the one who approached me till now were very cold and disntance wanted from me to give them my all and in return they won't give anything from themselves or a troublemaker who take drugs and GOD knows what else(I am a good girl I don't like those stuff..) and I am trying to flirt with the men I truely want and they seems to look a bit shy or non interest to approach or tallk to me I saw I am having 7th house in aquarius which means I am basically attracting those cold types and it's really hurts my feeling because I know that when I am falling in love I give my all to the person I am with and I am very warm person either..I really eager to meet the love of my life and getting married.. in the last period of time I became really upset about that aquarius placement I really want a passionate and affecionate relationship not a cold one.. relationships are not perfect but you should feel good and loved inside them. In addition I am studying computer science I study like a crazy person not having any time for my self not going out from the house and I am so sad about the whole thing I tried dating websites before and with the few men I tallked to there were a lot of perverted and lot of men who didn't want to commit (they want to inebriate me and having sex with me without even knowing me, and a few told me they having a master degree and working in the high tech field and that was a completely lie I also sure one of them was a marry man) it's so frustrates me and after all those experiences I am not sure what will come to me I am affraid to ask for something
every time I asked for a parner I found the exaggerated version of what I was asked for.. example I asked for a men who will take care of me and love me very much so domineering man started to approach me(he was very sarcastic and scared me a bit) ..I asked for a kind men who is either friendly I started dating a drunk men who was always parting and take drugs having a lot of friends... I really don't know what will happen in my life I been through lot of negative experiences and I am starting to lose my faith in things(it's sounds a bit childish but it's true) lot of people hurted me in the past and seeing my love life and other aspects in my life really makes it hard for me to believe..
what can I do about that?
link to my birth chart:

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