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Re: Who is influencing Alexander against me? This is serious.

hi, i am a junior here, i'll try to make a reading, so if anyone see i am wrong please correct me

i use another method, and i agree with the good Dr.
for a different reason however, in his house, i see venus coming from his 5th, which may show someone who is romantically involved with him, either this persons wants to have something with him, or is him, for the possition of venus and the aspects with the planets on his 5th, i would go as far as to say that is both, also the planets in his 5th are the moon and Saturn, which tell me the same, it is 2 people, a woman and a man, however here i see the man being older.
on other matter the moon is via combusta, so i would warn you about this person who is around him , the moon in this place is not good for the querent, that means you. (i am not well versed but i usually is danger, perhaps this person may harm you).

again, if anyone would like to correct me, i will thank you since i am learning.
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