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Re: Sun square Jupiter

Originally Posted by redrobin23 View Post
I have this natal aspect, and I don't know if it makes me "lucky" or "Unlucky"
Im optimistic, but sometimes too optimistic. Sun/Jupiter also gives me the Santa Claus affect of being big and jolly.... Does anyone else have this aspect? tell me how does it affect you.

My Sun is in Capricorn and My Jupiter is in Aries
Oh to be jolly! I wish this were true for me since I too share this aspect with you! But I am solemn most of the time. I can be very optimistic at times, but perhaps this may be due to an overabundance of fire signs in my chart. I believe you also have a lot of fire in your chart.

I share the same feelings and attitude as KING...I am impulsive and am prone to addictions, so I too try my best to avoid certain activities (not always successful, but that is another matter). And I am very much a gambler! Not in the sense that I like throw down c-notes in casinos, more like to the type that is willing to take chances in life. Most of the time things don't pan out, but somehow there is always a safety net to catch me, unexpectedly so too. So I guess it makes me both lucky and unlucky.

In regards to weight issues, I have my moments. Jupiter is located near the tail end of my 1st house (most natives with Jup in 1st usually have weight issues I've read). But I've got a really tight sun sextile saturn, and saturn conjunct ascendant, so this is kept in check...for the most part. Jupiter likes to indulge, and I fall victim to his temptations from time to time, lol.

You sound very aware about what you are prone to and susceptible of, so I would'nt be too worried about this one aspect. Actually, how many aspects to Jupiter do you have, and what are the aspects? This will probably help us determine how much of an impact this aspect has on you, since you're not certain of your birthtime.
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