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Re: Sun square Jupiter

Originally Posted by redrobin23 View Post
I have this natal aspect, and I don't know if it makes me "lucky" or "Unlucky"

Originally Posted by redrobin23 View Post
Im optimistic, but sometimes too optimistic. Sun/Jupiter also gives me the Santa Claus affect of being big and jolly...
That would not be the correct interpretation.

[QUOTE=redrobin23;291331]Does anyone else have this aspect?

So what if they do?

Originally Posted by redrobin23 View Post
tell me how does it affect you.

My Sun is in Capricorn and My Jupiter is in Aries
Natal Charts are unique, like fingerprints. I have Sun square Jupiter, but for me to tell you how it affects me would be pointless and totally stupid, not to mention irresponsible, unless your Sun and Jupiter were situated exactly identical to my Sun and Jupiter.

My Sun is Peregrine in Gemini in the 8th House, but in the Decan of Jupiter. Jupiter is Oriental, in Pisces and in his own Term and Decan, and since Jupiter rules Pisces, that makes Jupiter very powerful (being in his own Sign, Term and Decan), but Jupiter is a Diurnal Planet that is Nocturnal in a Day Chart.

And while Jupiter and Sun square, and worse than that, Sun squares Jupiter from a House that he hates (Gemini), Jupiter does receive the Sun in his own Decan, and so Sun is not Malefic and does not impede Jupiter.

Your Sun is in Capricorn, the Fall of Jupiter. That would be like the man who just shot and killed your entire family and all of your friends banging on your door at 3:00 AM demanding to come into your home because he has something important to give you.

So if Sun is not between 0-9 Capricorn (Jupiter's Decan) or between 12-19 Capricorn (Jupiter's Term) then Jupiter does not receive Sun and Sun is Malefic and impedes Jupiter, preventing from working his magic.

On the other hand, Sun does receive Jupiter by Exaltation (Aries is the Exaltation of Sun). If Jupiter is in Aries, the Jupiter is Occidental of the Sun. Jupiter Occidental is not the same as Jupiter Oriental. And it matters if Jupiter is Nocturnal.

And too it matters if Jupiter or Sun are in Degrees of Increasing Fortune, Pitted Degrees, Azieme Degrees and if either is within 12 of one of the Nodes.

And that's how you look at aspects. Not all squares are bad, just as not all trines are good (in fact some trines are worse than squares).
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