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Smile Re: Sun square Jupiter

I figured Jupiter in the 5th house might make you prone to gambling. Jupiter is in Taurus right now in the 5th house. Have you felt the urge to gamble lately? I know I have, I even considered playing the stock market and that is risky. Gambling right now may not be such a risk for you though, since your Jupiter is in the 5th house. Have you ever played the lottery? Now may be the time.

I do believe having Jupiter on the sun brings a reasonable amount of "luck" like what you said in your previous statement. " I'm sure it will be alright" Jupiter is there to help us when we can't help ourselves. Since your Jupiter is in Capricorn in the 5th house..Maybe a career in speculative ventures is your calling and with Jupiter there you will certainly have luck. Jupiter in Capricorn will be on your side with all business dealings. Maybe you will be the next Duncan Bannatyne.....

I wish I knew what houses my signs were placed. The 12pm method says I'm a taurus rising, but I think I look more like an Aries rising. If I did have Aries rising that would place my Jupiter in the 1st house. And that would explain my weight issues. Since I'm a woman and have sun/jup aspect. The weight is mainly on my hips, giving me the pair shape....I think men tend to gain muscles faster then woman anyway, but with Jupiter in may have to work harder to keep the muscular body like you were saying.
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