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Re: Sun square Jupiter

I think for me it's a lot to do with the 5th house Jupiter is in. I also used to play a lot of poker and have been known to splurge a lot of cash on a whim in some gamble or risky venture. Also eating out at nice restaurants when I couldn't really afford it and spending tonnes of money on the weekend at expensive nightclubs that I couldn't afford either. All on a whim, it's like the logical side takes a back seat and instinct kicks in while I find myself spending my rent. If I did think then it would be something like "It will be alright, I'm sure I can make the money up somehow." And usually it was alright somehow but I never had a large surplus of money that I'd like to of had.

I'm getting better at not doing that now though. They say Jupiter in Capricorn improves a lot with age especially during the second half of life, and at 27 I'm feeling I'm on the verge of some major breakthroughs as I approach my Saturn return. There's a wealthy investor called Duncan Bannatyne on the UK Dragon's Den program who has Jupiter in Capricorn. He got kicked out of the Navy for throwing his officer off the deck, he went from job to job and was almost completely broke until he reached 30 and he setup his first business. Several years later he sold his businesses for over 60 million ($100m).

I've got Leo rising with my ruling planet in Aries square Jupiter, so I would imagine the square should affect me physically but I've never been overweight. I do find it incredibly easy to put on muscle though in a short amount of time. But I find I can loose it just as quick it seems if I get lazy / miss a few meals. That might have something to do with the Jupiter being in Capricorn, you have to work at maintaining the expansiveness I guess.
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