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Moving to Sun/IC pus Sun square AS

Hello All,

I am fairly new to Relocation Astrology but it is such a fascinating subject .

I am thinking about moving to a smaller town in NM where my Sun/IC line would be about 170 miles to the East of the town and Sun square AS about 60 miles East from that town. Taos, NM - about 60 miles NE of Santa Fe.

I have lived in many places but this would be my first time living (relatively) close to a Sun line. Looking to settle down, being/feeling at home with community around me, able to create in writing, teaching, painting.

The Sun/IC sounds perfect for that but my Sun (Sagittarius) being square my AS (which would change from Sagittarius to Virgo) does not sound very enticing. I have been misunderstood a lot in my life and it sounds like that this line would once again make my inner and outer not congruent with the world around me.

Insights, input is super appreciated.
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