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Originally Posted by Hkk View Post
Can they just do that? Is there no employment law there?? From what I know if she has a permanent contract they canít just sack her. They have to go through certain procedures first. Disciplinary capabilities that sort of thing
They can 100% do that. Itís a sales job. You donít make your sales, you get fired. In the USA we donít do contracts for small jobs like other countries. Only big careers like engineers get such contracts.
This company fired my friend who was pregnant , they fired my moms boss because she missed too much work due to having colon cancer. Itís a very ruthless company.

Google ďUnited states AT WILL job policyĒ it means an employer can fire you AT WILL at any time for any reason.
My mom can maybe collect a small unemployment for a few months but she still needs a job.

Can someone please give an astrological response thanks
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