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Re: Conjunction in Uranus, Saturn and Neptune in the 5th house

Originally Posted by Nance7 View Post
Won’t my generation have the same planet placements in regards to Saturn Uranus and Neptune and Pluto? but they could be in different houses so therefore they wouldn’t have the same experiences as me ?
This is basically true. A house defines where a planet's function will be most experienced.

As you delve deeper into astrological symbolism you will notice that planets are in constant motion, even the slow-moving ones. Everyday their motion is slightly different to the day before.

From mid-Feb. 1988-early Feb. 1991 every child born had the 3 planet combination in Capricorn. But their positions through the sign were different because the daily motion of each planet differs. The position of Saturn before, between, and after Uranus-Neptune is especially relevant. Aspects they made to the personal planets also effects how they will operate.
This is why you remain an individual who expresses your relationship to 'world matters' in a personal way, even though those same world matters shared with others basically define why you (all) express them in the manner you do.
You could find that those born after Feb. 1991 have a totally different view than your generation regarding 'world matters' and their effect upon living in the everyday reality of life .
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