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Originally Posted by Frisiangal View Post
There's ony 3½years between their ages.
Together with 2 younger granddaughters, all 6 have Pluto in Sagittarius.

It's the result of the planets' individual rate of motion through a sign in their orbit of the Sun. The outer planets (beyond Saturn) rate of motion through a sign is much slower than those of the inner planets.
Uranus spends 7 years in a sign (the 7 year itch),
Neptune spends approx. 13 years in a sign.
Pluto has a variable rate of motion through the signs because it has an elliptical and not circular orbit. It takes approx. 248 years to complete one orbit of the Sun.

It's for this reason that the outers are referred to as 'collective consciousness' planets as a whole generation(s) is/are born with them in the same sign.

Many years of study and observing what effect the long term transits have
upon the generations born with the outer planets in them.

They won't be because it's the personal planets that 'individualise' being a person in one's own right. The outer planets define what's going on in the world towards which EVERYONE experiences a degree (no pun intended!) of personal effect upon them; be it in action, deed, thought, emotion .... or indifference; e.g. corona, climate change, Afghanistan, to name but a few.
Everyone can also, but not necessarily does, experience the effect of those everyday occurances such as family, employment, relationships, ilness, etc., upon them.
An outer planet in aspect to an inner planet (Moon through Mars) and less so with the societal planets (Jupiter, Saturn) can make their experience very personal, even if the individual still becomes 'a statistic' when relative to a general concensus of the population effect.

OP89 wrote:

A good example I can add to learning the SA-UR-NE in Capricorn effect.
Do you see the planets offering a positive/negative change that you experience working for your generation as a whole?

On a personal level, I truly 'feel' for one of my older granddaughters, a Taurus Sun-Venus who is not (yet) in a personal relationship. Many bees who would wish to collect the pollen to make the honey (), yet without the desire to stay around longer than it takes to collect! Very sad to see when strong feelings no longer find the permanency that Capricorn once provided.

I wrote years back how this generation ....and those that follow ... is born without the restriction barriers that held previous generations back and enjoy an individual freedom they never knew. I do wonder how it will work out in the long-term future.

At this stage, its possible that [COLOR="DarkRed"][COLOR="darkred"]Nance's5th house query, with the soft aspects to the 3rd-7th relationship houses, is more personal of nature.
It's a fact that you can't pin down water (expression of inner feeling); its torrential flow goes everywhere, gets into everything, and can be of great internal influence upon one's life. .
It's a question of whether it's of necessity that those generation barriers are dissolved .... or formed in an alternative mould.

Won’t my generation have the same planet placements in regards to Saturn Uranus and Neptune and Pluto? but they could be in different houses so therefore they wouldn’t have the same experiences as me ?
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