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Originally Posted by aldebaran View Post
My interpretation of these would be as:

Saturn - arduous, when we need to do effort and concentration, "heavy", dense, thick, strenuous

Neptune - Impressive, impressions, get impressed, impress someone else, also being "exemplar", giving someone else an example, being impressed by good or bad examples, etc.

Uranus - Inversion, Inversions, Revolutions, Reverse, Inverse, Turn Over, Switching the side of the table, turning upside down;
An example is when person A is speaking and person B doesn't like what is hearing. Than suddenly person B says something that puts person A in a bad situation, like "inverting" the subject.

Therefore, specially if the conjunction is tight (less than 1 degree for example is very strong, more than 2 degrees not so much), the meaning could be:

Getting impressed by arduous inversions
Getting impressed by arduous revolutions
Giving people the impression that you are a strenuous revolutionary
Getting impressed by arduous revolutionaries

Things look impressively arduous and inverted
Saying sudden inverted things to people, in a very impressive and heavy-dense way

Or every possible combination between Impressive, Arduous, Inversion in relation to:
- Yourself and Everyone else
- Everyone else and yourself
- How you perceive the world
- How the world perceives you

This might not be a strong trait of personality in the person in question, it would only manifest as long as the themes of "impressions, arduous, inversions" are involved. And, of course, those themes would tend to be connected for this person, even when for others is not.

For your chart, Nance7, I wouldn't consider Uranus in conjunction - but it could be in Parallel, I didn't checked - therefore I would interpret the same, but only with the themes of:
- Arduous
- Impressions
Do you basically mean I say things to shock haha

Uranus and Neptune are both 12 degrees and Uranus is 4 degrees
I started using whole signs and then my houses changed
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