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Originally Posted by Frisiangal View Post
You only have to look at what your age group has been going through since young adulthood and especially for the last 18+months and the effect it has had upon them, to get a grip upon the meaning behind the stellium or individual positions in Capricorn.

Think in analogies if you like.
What does the sign Capricorn represent?
What would Saturn in its own sign of physical structure do?
What effect would Uranus, an electric drill, have upon solid rock?
What would Neptune, water mass of uninhibited feeling that washes away, do to that broken down structure?

The meaning behind traditional Capricorn has been re-formed and a renewed way of life without the inherent self discipline, responsibility, obligation, protection, etc.etc. is yet to be found. How will this generation respond to the call of authority and government of the masses that is undergoing the change of the old ways across the world (tr. Pluto?) when they become the world leaders?

There are those like yourself born with Saturn ahead of Uranus-Neptune. There are others who live with Saturn behind Uranus-Neptune?
Do you find that those a little older than yourself have ease or difficulty with the loss of a structured foundation in life? Or living by rules they make for themselves?
Do you heed Saturn's call to take care of and protect yourself in living without the implemented rules inherently instilled in previous generations? Do you (not) make any yourself to live by and attempt to give them a substantial ( artistic?)form for the future to come? Do you live for the moment as that which was 'structurised' and could once be depended upon comes crushing down and disappears?

Or did it (n)ever feel to be there in the first place?
Wow very poetic

Although a little hard to follow..

Do you have these placements ?
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