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Re: Zi Wei Dou Shu

I liked freehoro the most out of all free ones i tried, because i can't read chinese and google translate is not the best:

I haven't checked many of my friends charts, just because I didn't feel fine doing it. But for one of them it was shockingly (at least for me, was not expecting it) accurate. Generated it on a whim. He's had a more unusual life, nothing inherently bad, it's just the way it was. But without going into many details, what was in his family palace (adoption, lots of travelling, being very attached to mother and having to take care of her because of health issues) all matched his irl. Weirdly enough. His planets are also almost all in the so-called karmic degrees. Sun Mercury 29th. Moon pluto 0 saggi. Venus, uranus, neptune, mars, NN, asc all over 23. I've always felt like he was very special as a person, to or for me, before i even learned about his situation or birth place.

So at the moment I am pleasantly impressed with ZWDS and I wish there was more info on internet, but indeed, you can't really blame them much.

I tried drawing some parallels between the western and zwds system too;

Main star in my life palace (Qi Sha) and Po jun in Career palace (the warrior/commander, or wanting reform) resemble the nature of my Pluto on the 10th/11th cusp. He's also the handle/cutting planet of a bowl type chart, and transiting everything.

2 artistry stars in life palace remind me of the definition of neptune quintile MC, although it could be venus moon in the 1st.

Emperor star (Zi Wei) in travelling palace along with another good star fits my NN in the 9th on Spica.

My asc in zwds (Dragon -Body) is the sign of my Wealth palace, and made me think of how Saturn (the planet of my Asc and sun - both capricorn) is my chart's final dispositor in the 2nd House (same meaning of wealth and money, more or less).

Not much but it's always fun to think about these. Had some other things in mind but i'm too lazy to write them.

Basic ideas:

Blog that comes with some more explanations:

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