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Re: Zi Wei Dou Shu

I have my Zi Wei Dou Shu and Bazi chart read one month ago (coincidenlly by one of the blog you posted). Unfortunately I didn't feel I got too much information but that I got is quite interesting. I got a report for me and my partner, unfortunately there wasn't so much technical details and I were not allowed to ask about that because it was to hard to explain but I saw similarities between the Eastern and Western astrology.

I reacted on following:
- Even though it is 5 elements I see similaries in the Western's 4 elements and I can see the correlations. I got much water in Western astrology and also in Eastern
- Eastern astrology talks a lot about harmony and you want all five elements in your chart to be equally strong and harmonise with each other and that is the same in Western chart in the way that you want the benefic planets to balance the malefic planet, in Western astrology if one planet is too strong for example Jupiter then it can lead to overindulgence, laziness etc. so you want another aspect to limit that
- There are twelve houses in Western and twelve palaces in Eastern, they have the same "opposition thinking" the palaces opposite one have direct influences on the end
- There are 10 Gods that resides inside the palaces, sounds just like the planets in the houses but I haven't found more information that they exist
- The Eastern astrology start with how strong a natal chart is which hold the same with Western, then you either have to strenghten or weaken the chart by adding or lessen an element. The reading I got corresponded good with our Western chart

That's all righ now from the little I've come in contact with. I would like to dig deeper to understand more but it is hard to find any books on it in english. The information is so limited so I understand the struggle. It throw new light on Western astrology after I saw some correlations.
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