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Re: The Future Already Exists

Originally Posted by Lucid View Post
If time is an illusion, since we are what we will be/what we already were, and the only thing that changes is our perception, than why is our natal BIRTH chart counts as OURS? I mean, the birth chart is one point in the PAST time, so aren't we supposed to be constantly influenced by the planets as they move around? as opposed to the idea that only the outer planets are influencing on a generational level?
I've always wondered how do transits work. Say, how does a current pluto "remember"s that my natal sun was at this degree, and then would square it, after 10 years, and the general way in which it would function.
There are several schools of thought on this but fundamental difference is:

a) Aristotelian-Ptolemaic view The planets CAUSE things to happen, they are causal agents. Therefore, astrology is virtually a branch of physics.

b) Stoic view The universe is governed and determined by all-permeating cosmic intelligence. Here planets are objects which SIGNIFY things, but not cause them.

Personally, option b is closer to my understanding of astrology.
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