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Re: The Future Already Exists

Originally Posted by Blacknight View Post
I think about this idea a lot... If you can't change the past and future inevitably becomes the past what makes you think the future can be changed? And if we exist in the present, how can we change something that hasn't even happened? It is what it is.

I think the greeks had it right on their philosophy of the fates. You can't change fate. You can't change destiny or the motions of the universe.

And if you go back to the the very beginning of the universe, you might say everything is a simple chain reaction. I mean really, what is the state of free will? I would say it only exists, if a realm outside of the universe exists. If an afterlife of spirits exist and they choose their lots in life then maybe I could see that there is a choice of will.

In the article I posted he speaks about free will as something that concerns the past, not the future:

Your recent paper in Physics Today (co-authored with Jeff Tollaksen, also at Chapman, and Sandu Popescu of the University of Bristol) suggests that the universe might have a fully determined final state as well as a beginning state. Does that cause you to wrestle with the idea of free will?
A. I don't have any problem with that because free will means you are only freed from the past. You're not freed from the future. If somebody would know your future, but not tell you about it, and we would not use (the information) in any way, it's as if we waited till the future came.
If something comes back from the future, like this destiny state, to the present, but it is not available to to tell you what this future is, you're still free from the past. You can change your mind. If you change your mind, you change your fate, and it will be the new state.

It is somewhat similar to the idea that fate exists... and the actions and decisions we make using our free will is always bound to respond with our fate.... as the op said, everything that we were, are and will be is already shown in the chart.
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